#WellnessWednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 157

Funky Pyramid Pose


The summer is a great time to practice more challenging Yoga poses. In summer the fire element is at its peak, giving us more energy. We can use our asana practice to help clear out tension and stagnation that accumulates in the mind and the body during the colder months. Funky pyramid is a variation of pyramid pose that adds two interesting aspects to an already tough pose. The lifted back leg in this posture means the practitioner must use the core to help the hands bear the extra weight. The bodies center of gravity is way behind the base of support for this pose, which makes balancing an added component. While very difficult, this is the perfect pose for waking up and clearing out the whole body while having some fun in the process.


What To Do

  1. Warm up the whole body with sun salutations and gentle quad and hamstring stretches.
  2. From standing, step the right foot back a comfortable distance, about 1-3 feet.
  3. Exhale, fold over your left leg.
  4. Plant the hands midway between the feet.
  5. With the right foot on the floor bend the right knee.
  6. Play with the weight shifting into the hands.
  7. Straiten the back leg and center the hips.
  8. Exhale as you engage the core and bend the right knee lifting the toes up.
  9. Stay for five or six breaths.
  10. Then slowly come out and do the other side.



  • If the hands have trouble reaching the floor they can be placed on blocks.



  • Helps build strength in the whole body.
  • Deep stretch for the hamstrings.
  • Stimulates digestion and circulation.
  • Helps build confidence and persistence.