#WellnessWednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 155

Dwikonasana: Double Angle Pose


Every individual has their own reason that they begin a Yoga practice. But people who have stuck with the practice for many years usually keep come back for similar reasons, most having to do with the increased compassion and sense of connectedness that a Yoga practice nurtures. Many yoga poses and meditations are focused on opening the heart to be able to give and receive more compassion. Double Angle pose is one of them. By opening the front body and building strength in the back this pose helps encourage openness throughout the whole heart space. When the heart is open we are more compassionate and more connected to the world around us.


What To Do

  1. Stand strait up with the feet a comfortable distance apart.
  2. Interlace the hands behind you.
  3. Inhale and reach the hands away from the back.
  4. Exhale and bend from the hips until the body is parallel to the floor.
  5. Activate the core to support you, and gently press the feet down.
  6. As you stay here and breathe, gently reach the hands towards the sky.



  • This pose can be done in a chair.



  • Builds strength in the upper back.
  • Opens the arms, the chest and the shoulders.
  • Reverses ill effects daily activities like driving and typing.
  • Helps open the heart.



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