#WellnessWednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 154

Instructional picture: how to do the revolved plow

Revolved Pyramid


Busyness is an insidious state of being that has infected Western culture. Slowness is undervalued and underutilized. As a result, many of us reach the end of each day exhausted, yet unable to slow down our minds.  We can use our Yoga practice throughout the day to help slow down our minds and shift out of the near frantic pace that hold us prisoner. Revolved pyramid pose can be easily done anywhere. This forward fold helps boost the rest and digest system, called the parasympathetic nervous system, or PNS for short. This system is the opposite but equal partner of the flight or fight system with which most are familiar. This is highly beneficial because the PNS helps us fight infections, get plenty of sleep, and solve complex problems, while bodies constantly living in a state of sympathetic activation are at risk for chronic illness, and do not think as clearly. Revolved pyramid is a crucial tool in any Yogi’s box wants to move through the world with more peace.


What To Do

  1. Stand with your left leg a comfortable distance behind the right.
  2. The feet are parallel and about hips distance apart.
  3. Press into the heel and fold forward as you exhale.
  4. Inhale and extend the spine.
  5. Exhale plant the right hand on the inside of the right foot.
  6. Press the hand down as you inhale.
  7. Exhale bring the left hand to the back of left hip.
  8. Use gentle breath to explore the twist deeper.
  9. Stay for 5-10 breaths and then do the other side.



  • Use a block or a chair to plant the grounded hand.



  • Increases calm.
  • Calms the thinking brain.
  • Stimulates the internal organs.
  • Helps boost immune system.
  • Stretches the muscles of the legs and lower back.
  • Promotes healthy spine.




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