#WellnessWednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 153

Salamba Sarvangasana – Supported Shoulder Stand

Of the myriad yoga asana, perhaps none is more controversial than supported shoulder
stand. The risks involved with a traditional shoulder stand are considerable. However, the
benefits of this posture are enormous. So, the last decade has seen a shoulder stand
reformation of sorts. Now what is traditionally done on the solid floor is done on a stack of
folded blankets, three high. In the variation offered below the pose is further modified to be
done at a wall with a base board. The blankets and the wall assist the practitioner in protecting
the delicate vertebrae of the neck while balancing the weight on the outer edges of the

What To Do

  1. If at any time during this pose you feel strain in the neck or eyes, do not proceed.
  2. Lay on the edge of three firm folded blankets 1-2 feet from the wall.
  3. Your head should be on the floor or mat. Do not look left or right while practicing this pose.
  4. Tuck the arms in close to the body and bring the shoulder blades together behind your back.
  5. Using the core strength bring the feet up and over the head, so they are resting on the base board.
  6. Bring the hands to the back of the hips for support.
  7. Walk the feet up the wall as far as feels safe for you.
  8. Play with the balance at the wall or play with reaching one foot and then the other towards the ceiling.


  • Tones the whole body.
  • Uplifts mood.
  • Helps regulate blood pressure.
  • Reduces fatigue and stress.