#WellnessWednesday- Yoga For Life: Week 146

Talasana- Palm Tree Pose         


You are probably familiar with the sight of trees bending to the will of a storm. Some trees, like the mighty Palm, bend so precariously under high stress it seems a miracle they do not shatter into splinters. What is the secret to the trees’ survival? When a storm strikes, it is the stoic lonely palm that grew on a bed of sand who falls. Despite high winds and torrential floods, the trees that are the most flexible survive. The trees with their roots firmly grown in solid earth, they survive. This is also true for humans, but stress and adversity are more likely to topple a human than high winds. Yoga practice is how we cultivate flexibility with our comfort zones, so we don’t shatter when that comfort is lost. Self-care is the solid foundation into which we must grow our roots.  Talasana, Palm Tree Pose, is an easy way to embody this concept and begin to fortify your root system. 


What to do:

Stand with the feet together, or no wider than hip distance apart.

Reach the arms up over head and interlace your fingers.

Flip the hands so the palms face away from you.

Engage the core.

Squeeze the legs together.

Rise up to the toes.

Reach for the ceiling.


Watch as you sway back and forth.

Attempting to keep still will make this pose much harder, just surrender to the flow.

Stay for as long as you like.



For painful tight wrists or hands, grasp a strap or a tie instead of interlacing the fingers. 

This pose can be done in a chair.



Lengthens the body.

Excellent balance practice.

Strengthens the feet and ankles.

Opens the wrists and hands.

Stimulates digestive fire.

Enlivens the nervous system.