#WellnessWednesday- Yoga For Life: Week 135

Instructional picture: how to do the yoga pose alternate nostril breathing

Wellness Wednesday Week 135: Alternate Nostril Breathing



Relaxes your body and mind.

Reduces anxiety.

Promotes overall well-being.


Foundation & General Alignment:

Sit in a comfortable position with your legs crossed.

Left hand on your left knee.

Right hand is up toward your nose.

Exhale completely and then use right thumb to close right nostril.

Inhale through left nostril and then close the left nostril with fingers.

Release the right nostril and exhale through this side.

Inhale through the right nostril and then close this nostril.

Open the left nostril and exhale through the left side.



Common Problems:

A hunched back will not allow for a easy breathing.



Can be done against wall.

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