#WellnessWednesday- Yoga For Life: Week 132

Wellness Wednesday Week 132: Pyramid on Knee Pose


Opens hips.

Stretches legs.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Start crouching on knees. Pull one leg out straight in front of body. Gently lean body over leg.

Front foot does not have to be flat on floor, if other foot is flexed.

Front leg is completely straight.

Hips are squared.

Tailbone is slightly tucked.

Back leg is stable, top of foot is pressing into ground for balance.

Back starts straight, bends forward at the hip.

Arms can be reaching forward, at sides or on ground.

If palms are on ground extend them forward.

Shoulders are back and away from ears.

Neck is evenly extended.

Heart is pressing towards ground.

Common Problems:

Hips are shifted to one side.


Hands can be under shoulders.

Can also be done on feet.