#Wellness Wednesday: Yoga For Life- Week 117


Wellness Wednesday 117: Warrior Twist

Is a great stretch for entire body. 
Deepens twist in back. 
Opens hips. 
Strengthens legs. 
Foundation & General Alignment:
Start in Warrior 2. Bring hands together at hearts center. Twist elbow over knee and press into knee gently. 
Feet are both straight. Four corners front foot are pressing evenly into the ground. 
Knee is over ankle. Not bent over ankle. 
Back knee is on ground. 
Back leg is pointing straight back. 
Foot of extended leg can be tucked or flat. 
Back is straight not curved over. 
Chest is pressing forward. 
Shoulders are back and away from ears. 
Head is facing the same way that the body is turning. 
Common Problems: 
Shoulders are up by ears. 
Back is curved forward. 
Leg can be up off ground