#Wellness Wednesday: Yoga For Life Week 109

Instructional picture: how to do the yoga pose half camel pose


Wellness Wednesday Week 109: Half Camel Pose/ Ardha Ustrasana


Opens chest.

Stretches tops of thighs.

Improves backbend.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Start in Camel Pose, then lift one foot.

Gently press foot into body.

Knees are hip width apart.

Foot that is resting on ground is gently pressing into ground.

Front of body is straight and not leaning backwards.

Back is gently curved.

Chest is opening and pressing  upwards.

Shoulders are down and away from ears.

Head is facing up and neck is curved with back.

Common Problems:

Front of body is not straight.

Shoulders are curled upwards.


Blankets can be put under knees.

Arm can be lifted above body.

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