Ask A Practitioner: Benefits Of The Ion Cleanse Foot Detox

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Q. What is the Ion Cleanse Foot Detox and how could it help me? What are the benefits?

The Ion Cleanse foot detox machine from A Major Difference is a safe and effective way to detoxify the body.

We are living in a toxic world. And I’m not just talking about oil spills and radiation. Most of the harmful chemicals affecting our health are in common products we use everyday! Chemical exposure comes from things that we encounter on a daily basis just living: doing our laundry, washing our hair, eating, sitting on the couch, playing in the park, and going to work. More and more research is showing that these environmental toxins are affecting our health in numerous ways and are huge mediators for autoimmune conditions, weight loss resistance, autism, food sensitivities, infertility, and cancers.

Our bodies have many systems in place to detoxify naturally on a daily basis. However, in today’s world, our bodies are over-burdened and over-stressed and can’t keep up with the toxic load imposed upon them. It has become necessary to use other methods of detoxification to release some of this body burden so that we have the opportunity to be healthy and thrive.

The Ion Cleanse makes it easy to get results. With this 20-30 minute footbath detox treatment, people feel better. They possess more clarity of mind, more energy, and less of a toxic load for their body to process. To this day I am amazed at how great they feel each time someone finishes a treatment -- like a load was lifted off them. Results range from digestive pain relief, headache relief, joint pain relief, and brain fog relief, to more energy and enthusiasm for life.

The Ion Cleanse purifies the body more effectively and faster than any herbal or fasting protocol, with little-to-no stress to the patient. It works through a process of diffusion. The patient sits with their feet in a tub of saltwater.  The water is then charged, creating an electric potential in the water. Through diffusion, the positively charged ions and particles in the patient’s body (heavy metals, toxins, etc.) are drawn down and out of the feet and into the negatively charged water. This works the same was as the negative end of a magnet attracting the positive end of another magnet. These particles collect in the tub of water where you can see (and sometimes smell) them. Toxins from different systems in the body will be different in color, density, shape, and texture.

Now I understand that this concept may be hard to grasp: that these toxins, heavy metals, and metabolic waste can come out through the bottom of our feet and collect in the water below.  We don’t typically think about these principles and how things work, but by experiencing it for yourself you will see and feel that it is true. In Chinese medicine, for instance, it is common knowledge and understanding that there are many energy lines and meridians that run through our bodies, connecting different organs and glands, culminating on the bottom of our feet. The same principles that govern acupuncture and acupressure are foundational to why the Ion Cleanse works as well. And, just like we can put things on our skin to be absorbed in, so too can things come out through our skin. We sweat to excrete toxins out of our skin, and we apply facial masks to ‘draw out’ toxins through our skin. 

Many people can even feel it as it is working on them, pulling from different areas of their body as the process goes along. Depending on a person’s sensitivity and particular issues, they might feel it pulling from their joints, digestive tract, liver, and gall bladder, or places of old injuries or discomfort. It is truly amazing.

I am also aware that there are other companies out there that have versions of this machine that are just trying to make money off the idea but might not actually be legitimate or, even worse, be a scam, so do use discernment and ask questions about the type of machine if you are not sure. In my experience, having used the Ion Cleanse machine from A Major Difference, the results speak for themselves. People come out feeling so much better and the debris collected in the water uniquely correlates to what each particular client has going on. If you are looking for a gentle yet effective way to take some toxic load off your body in just 30 minutes, I highly recommend trying this with a practitioner near you.

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