Organic Home Garden Series: 15 Fragrant Flowers For Your Garden

Adding color and beauty to gardens is something flowers do best, but let’s not forget that some flowers give us some fantastic fragrances, too. Flowers are nature’s perfume, and each variety has its own special scent. Check out these 15 fragrant flowers to grow for your outdoor garden.

1. Chamomile

Chamomile is a medicinal flower that looks a lot like a white daisy. It’s great for adding beauty and scent to your outdoor garden. To most people, the flower’s scent has a calming aromatherapy scent that smells almost fruity.

2. Fragrant Cloud Rose

Many kinds of roses do not have much of a smell, but this flower’s fragrance is known to be really strong. While some people love this rose’s sweet, fresh smell, others find this flower’s scent to be a bit overbearing.

3. Moonflower

I adore this beautiful and mystical white flower! A moonflower blooms glowing white flowers after sunset, and during sunrise it releases a pleasant fragrance. It is said that within a single year, this vining plant can grow to be 12-18 feet.  

4. Jasmine

Jasmine has a famous fragrance that is often used in perfumes and aromatherapy. If you have ever smelled jasmine, you would know why! The flower is said by some to contain many different smells such as sweet, fruity, and exotic. And did you know that it has been used in aromatherapy for its antidepressant qualities?  

5. Marigold

Because this flower is known to have a pungent, musky smell, some like the smell of marigolds, while others find them offensive. Besides releasing a strong fragrance, another thing this flower can do is act like a natural pesticide for keeping certain unwanted insects away.

6. Plumeria

Plumerias are said to be unique because each color of flower has its own different fragrance. It is a plant that requires extremely low-maintenance, which is perfect for those who do not have a lot of time to manage their garden.

7. Lavender

The pine-like fragrance of lavender flowers brings about feelings of calmness and tranquility. Lavender is highly recognized for its medicinal, aromatic, and therapeutic benefits. The flowers grow on a bush that requires little to no maintenance when grown as a native plant.

8. ‘Star Gazer” Oriental Lily

Star Gazers are brilliant pink oriental lilies that face the sky, and usually exhale a very heavy scent. Because they are known to have such a strong fragrance, it is often recommended that these flowers be planted outdoors.

9. Chocolate Cosmos

Although these inedible flowers are not really made from chocolate, they sure do smell like they are. Chocolate cosmos produce a beautiful maroon flower that not only smells delicious, but it is awesome at attracting butterflies into your garden as well.

10. Carnation

If you want a flashy fragrant flower for your garden, this flower is perfect. Carnations produce a clove-like scent, and most of them are known to have a long-lasting bloom period.

11. Iris

Iris flowers are gorgeous, and some release a sweet or more prominent scent, while others do not. Often times, these flowers have different smells, depending on their types. Their fragrance is said to be the strongest when they are freshly cut.

12. Primrose

Primrose flowers are pretty and highly fragrant. Some have described them as having a spicy, earthy, and soothing smell. They usually bloom in different shapes and colors during early spring. One of my favorite types is a primrose called the “Evening Primrose,” because it smells like vanilla to me.  

13. Lilacs

From deep to pastel colors, lilacs offer a sweet fragrance that most people are sure to love. These shrub flowers are great for cutting and making into beautiful bequests. They do require some pruning, but other than that, they are fairly easy to care for.   

14. Petunias

Most petunias emit their scent at night, but some are fragrant during the daytime. Some varieties of this flower are said to release a vanilla-like smell. According to a news article put out by Washington State University, petunias are said to know when they should smell good, and when they should not.  Pretty cool, huh?

15. Sweet Pea

This flower is popular for its smell, and used quite a bit in a lot of beauty products. The sweet pea flower blooms in different colors and really embodies the scent of spring. In addition to having an abundance of fragrance, this plant can help attract pollinators to your garden.


Thinking what other fragrant plants to grow in your home garden? Check out this article!  Stay tuned for more organic home gardening tips and ideas!