Healing Through The Sensitive Self

We are energy, and our Self is not limited to the insides of our body. We have a bio-magnetic energy field that essentially goes on forever (hence our ability to potentially be conscious of all of existence of which we are apart of), like a candle’s light goes on forever – although this is most prevalent and potent to our perceptible experience within the auric field extending around our body.

It has been found by physicists that the space which we think is "empty" is actually filled with energy vibrating at the highest of frequencies. There is one energy in this universe, expressing itself through different vibrations. The lower the vibration, the denser something seems, and so we as humans have been taught to believe that only that which we can easily assume to be real using our basic senses is actually real. The truth, however, is that existence is a field of infinite dimensions, and that we exist in higher energetic aspects even beyond what we perceive our body to confine us to. Most of our souls’ energy resides there - the ultimate truth being, however, that we are one with all energies. Thus, it is possible to tune into these finer frequencies that emanate from all things and experience that we are actually swimming through a sea of energy -- that we have the opportunity to more consciously interact with as we evolve as a species to become more sensitive to our expanded, true natures, and the "vibes" of the natural world around us.

This higher energy that we are in the essence of is the highest form of information: a loving and healing force of purity. Spirit itself. It is the expression of our soul within this dimension that gives life to our body, but can also be tuned into via more subtle levels in which it flows freely in our higher dimensional expressions – expressions that we cannot always perceive using our typical 3D modes of perception. With a clear energy field, this essential life force can easily flow through our body – through primary energy vortexes or centers within ourselves called chakras, and be experienced as pristine being. When we are clear and aligned, we affect everything and everyone around us, expanding into the infinity that is our connection.

Different cultures and languages call it different things and create different modalities for cultivating it to the healthiest degree. It can be called spirit, energy, consciousness, light, prana, chi, shakti, life force, vital energy, subtle energy – but essentially it is all one thing: The energy that flows into our being through breath, through our blood, between neurons, and also between ourselves and one another. The energy that is us, and that gives us every experience - the depletion and constriction of which develops disease, the freedom of which can feel like orgasmic bliss and love.

Through thoughts, deeds, experiences, substances, entertainment and overall influences that are not in alignment with our unbound truth –  unconsciously supporting a rejection, resistance, or repression of our purest, most whole spiritual essence (lowering our vibrational experience) –  we live our lives often hindered from experiencing the fullness of our radiance, clarity, and balance due to factors that can be dealt with on these subtler energetic layers of our being.

Ever felt someone stare at you? Ever felt someone’s presence or vibe, or what they were feeling, in a real SENSING way? In our culture, we are not taught to be aware of our abilities to tune into energy fields, and yet it is a factor of our lives that influence us at all times. The more we can bring consciousness to our sensitivity of others’ energy fields, the more we can consciously work with what they are telling us. In this way, when our ability to feel others becomes aligned with a recognition that we have the opportunity to choose to also help heal them, we then may become what can be termed light workers, or healers. This healing can take place in the most subtle and passive of ways: through basic blessings such as acts, thoughts, and speech of loving kindness which shift our own vibration through which we interact with and influence others, or in more conscious ways, such as through shamanic healing modalities –  ranging all the way from the innocence of music and play, to the more legitimized experience of having a full-on reiki session.

Our hands are the most sensitive vortexes through which this energy can be channeled, as they are the manifested emanation of the creative force of heart through our body, and as we become more sensitive to the energies within as well as around us, we can tap into this inherent power that we have to cleanse, regenerate, and heal ourselves, as well as others.

There are infinite resources to find online and in books on how to feel this energy within your own hands and use it to heal. Anyone can do it; it is simply a matter of opening up to this possibility, and allowing patience and practice to show you just what you can truly be.

Through sensually mindful and spiritual practices such as meditation, yoga, chi-gong, tai-chi, dancing, intimacy practices, and any other form of creative expression or movement of energy, we can become more attuned to this energy flow within and around ourselves. It is also possible to receive proper training in healing modalities based upon the subtle energy field. We are so much more than what we have been taught and made to believe we can experience. Time to open up, re-sensitize, and evolve.