6 Herbs & Spices that have Healing Powers

In this modern age, the masses–all too often–look to prescription and pharmaceutical drugs to help alleviate daily ailments and discomforts. While these substances may be readily available and effective in suppressing the initial pain, they are taxing on the liver – especially when used on a regular basis.

Common pains and health issues such as headaches, stomach aches, inflammation in the body, the state of being overweight, toxicity and low energy levels can be helped tremendously just by harnessing the power of some potent herbs and spices. ​

These are items that you can find at your local health food store, often sold in bulk–so you can get them for an affordable and reasonable price. The cost of healing doesn’t need to be steep. Nature’s bounty of healing powers is abundant and real -- also practical for daily use by anyone.

Know that because these natural remedies tackle health issues at their core, they may take longer and require larger doses to be effective as immediately as what you’re used to. Your body was not meant to take a little compressed pill to achieve health and balance. On the contrary, your body identifies and recognizes plants–and these pieces of nature actually solve the problems of imbalance at their core, though they might require more patience on your part. ​

The beautiful thing about using herbs and spices in your daily routine is that the possibilities are merely endless. You can use many of them interchangeably, and many of the uses and applications overlap each other. ​


This refreshing and aromatic herb has a soothing effect on the body. It can often be found as an intact leaf/plant or as an essential oil. Peppermint, though maybe just thought of by most as gum and mint flavoring, is a useful and powerful plant that has an expansive range of uses for health problems: ​

  • Maintains oral health. Can be used as a breath freshener or to brush and naturally whiten teeth
  • Alleviates irritable bowel syndrome symptoms
  • Calms upset stomachs
  • Soothes sore muscles when applied topically
  • Targets and fights inflammation in the body


Used in ancient times as an all-purpose health boosting spice, turmeric has recently made a comeback and gained visibility as a powerful healer. With an incredibly vibrant and potent yellowish-orange color, this spice can help cure a multitude of health problems.

Though inflammation can be a helpful thing (in that it’s your body signaling something requiring attention), chronic inflammation can be the cause of many issues. Turmeric is perhaps best known for its ability to combat inflammation. It can be found as a powder, as an intact root, as an essential oil or in gelatin capsule form. Turmeric can be used: ​

  • To fight internal and external (skin) inflammation. Keep in mind, skin is a reflection of your internal state. Turmeric can be used internally for inflammation or topically to alleviate blemishes
  • To enhance the overall antioxidant capacity in the body. This means that your body is more capable to fight free-radicals, or cancer forming compounds
  • To improve neurological performance
  • To prevent various forms of heart disease and ailments

In regards to practicality, turmeric can be made into a facial mask, added to smoothies or used in cooking to receive its benefits.


Perhaps one of the more under-utilized herbs, thyme has the potential to completely tackle menstrual cramps for women. Thyme can be found as an intact leaf, as an essential oil or in gelatin capsule form. It can be used by men and women alike to aid in solving many health problems such as: ​

  • Blood pressure issues
  • Acne (due to its antibacterial properties)
  • Bloating and digestive problems
  • Respiratory issues caused by a cold, sore throat or bronchitis


Though not definitively called a spice, cacao can readily be found in powder form and is often sold near spices in health food stores. Most commonly included in chocolate products, raw cacao powder by itself is phenomenally robust with healthy properties. It’s one of nature’s richest sources of flavonoids, which are powerful phytochemicals that help combat an array of diseases.

Cacao is one of nature’s most tasteful healing foods. Make sure to stay away from chocolate bars that contain only a small amount of cacao. What you should look for is raw, organic cacao powder that is unprocessed. It can also be found as an intact bean or nib. Cacao can be used: ​

  • In facial masks to improve the vitality of your complexion
  • In baking and smoothie-making to boost flavor and add nutrition
  • In coffee for a healthy twist of flavor
  • As an addition to bowls of fruit, cereal, etc.

Cayenne Pepper

Best known and widely used for its pungent flavor and spicy nature, cayenne pepper also provides many other positive things for the body. In the recent years of the juicing craze, cayenne is often added to help boost your metabolism. It can be found as a powder, as an intact pepper or in gelatin capsule form. Cayenne pepper: ​

  • Alleviates digestion, as it acts as a catalyst for the production of digestive enzymes and gastric juices
  • Prevents migraine headaches
  • Naturally boosts metabolism
  • Stimulates circulation in the body
  • Supports healthy weight loss


​Ginger is much more than a candy flavoring. This robust root is helpful for several different health problems. Like cayenne pepper, you’re likely to notice ginger on many fresh juice labels–as it adds flavor and health boosting benefits. Ginger can be found as a powder, as an intact root, as an essential oil or in gelatin capsule form. It can be effective at:

  • Treating nausea and motion sickness
  • Reducing flatulence
  • Improving digestions by aiding assimilation of vital nutrients
  • Helping an under-active appetite
  • Clearing nose and throat congestion

It’s most helpful to purchase these herbs and spices in organic, raw form. This will maximize the health benefits that they provide you. Buying them organic will ensure that your pesticide exposure is eliminated and consuming them raw will prevent the natural healing compounds from becoming denatured in the heating process.

Integrating these herbs and spices into your daily routine will get you a head start on preventing illness and increasing your livelihood. You’ll experience an overall energy boost, increased vitality and better moods—along with added perks like natural weight loss and detoxification. ​