Holding The Ground With The Root Chakra

Hold the ground, that’s what I tell myself. Hold the ground. I’ve been telling myself this for the past few months. The term tree hugger has an entirely new meaning for me. Lately, I find myself clutching trees, holding trees, and hugging trees to anchor myself to the earth. Knowing how to work with the first chakra--also known as the root chakra--is essential to feeling grounded and confident in our ability to fulfill our potential. Located at the base of the spine, the root chakra is a powerful circle of energy that gives us a sense of well-being and safety. When we are balanced in this chakra, we know that everything we need is already within us. From this understanding, we use our creativity to bring our ideas and visions to life.  Just like the earth doesn’t think twice about whether it will grow grass, or the bird never thinks to question its ability to chirp, we are also built to fulfill our innate potential. Yet, for us humans, it can be difficult to acknowledge the innate power and intrinsic knowledge we already have. This thing called life happens to us, and it makes us believe that the world is a place to fear, or a place where we must constantly be ready to defend ourselves.  Worst of all, we may doubt the innate power and knowledge we already have!

Depending on your own life experiences, your root chakra may be imbalanced. When we’re put in situations that challenge our sense of safety and trust, we become fretful. Fearful. Anxious. I suppose anxiety could be likened to a constant feeling of wondering if the wind will one day blow you away from the very ground you stand on, taking you from all that you love.  Hold the ground, this is what I tell myself and this is what I’m telling you, because grounding is as simple as walking barefoot on grass or stopping to breathe, or just stopping!  Here are ten questions I use to help me on my journey to balance my root chakra.  

1.Do I have a right to be here?

2.Do I listen to my body?

3.Do I think from my head, or do I think from my gut (hora)?

4.Are the top and bottom half of my body connected?

5.Do I believe in my capabilities to provide for myself?

6.Do I trust myself?

7.Do I know my body?

8.Do I hold my ground, or am I easily swayed by the opinions and feelings of others?

9.When people hurt or dismiss me, do I crumble?

10.Fear or faith?

The answers to these questions remind me of my importance and my abilities. I am strong, I am here, and I am connected.

Remembering to ground yourself regularly can have wonderful benefits on how you interact with yourself and with the rest of the world.