Reveal Truth With The 6th Chakra

Have you ever had the experience of a stranger speaking the exact right thing for you to hear precisely during the time your soul needed to hear it? Or how about the countless other times that strangers walk by and the glances or words are meaningless to you? 

This ability to bring message and meaning from a seemingly unknown source into your physical reality is the work of the third eye, the 6th chakra. It is no wonder why in Sanskrit this center is called Ajna: to perceive, to command.

This is the place of dreaming your reality into being. This is the energy center that transcends time and space. Here, it is possible to connect with deceased ones, events in the past, and future potential timelines. The only limitation here is a limitation in your own ability to imagine.

This is the center where meaning is made, insights occur and the TRUTH is revealed.

This center’s nectar is TRUTH. Intuition lies here, clairvoyance is here, the weaving of the worlds exists here. The power of the mind and all of its reasoning abilities are governed in the realm of the 6th chakra.

It truly is the doorway between the suffering of the human condition and the grace of the Divine Orchestration.


Truth vs. Illusion

Each center builds upon the last. The energy centers cannot be completely separated from one another but they take on primary traits. When our lower five chakras are spinning in a healthy manner and our energy bodies are anchored into our physical body, then using the third eye is second nature. It is known for its crystal clarity, its ability to see beyond the veil. Part of its nature is to search for what is the truth and what is an illusion. Both are present at each step of the journey. It is like the yin/yang symbol, light vs. dark, masculine and feminine. They all exist here simultaneously. Without awakened perception then we swing back and forth between the sides, forgetting it is part of the whole. The illusion is that one can exist without the other. The illusion is that there are a winner and a loser. Polarity will keep the waters of the mind in motion and your perception skewed.

So, if your journey has brought you forward without bringing balance to the lower chakras then the opening of the third eye can make you delusional instead of magical. It can lock your perception of reality in a twisted distortion based on unintegrated traumatic experiences. It actually becomes a psychological issue. Psychological issues can be hard to unwind when everything the person perceives orbits around the distortion. So the distorted perception becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy—except of course to a person with an open sixth chakra (hence the role of therapists, etc.). This distortion means your skill at evaluating your beliefs and attitudes is also off.

When the soul integrates compartmentalized experiences then it simultaneously washes the window of perception. It all works together. As above so below. Clean up the first chakra and the rest get a wash too. It is always my advice to begin with the foundation.


Where Is The 6th Chakra?

It is at the bridge of your nose, between your eyes and about a half an inch higher than that.

This center opens like a flower when both sides of your brain hemispheres are working together. This means there has been an integration of polarization. There is an integration of the illusion of right vs. wrong, of light vs. dark, of there being a war of opposites at all. True sight happens when we are in the quiet place of the center.

This center wants a quiet mind. It wants your mind to look like a still pool of water so that it may reflect an image onto it and that image can be accurately perceived.

When we have ripples in the pond of our mind then the image becomes distorted.

The third eye is the doorway between your individual mind and the Higher Mind that some may even call GOD MIND. To walk through the doorway you need to get out of your own way. This doesn’t happen by force but the exact opposite: by quieting down and becoming more receptive.

What the third eye is receiving is light. Light travels faster than sound. Therefore, this chakra vibrates faster than the throat, making it capable of picking up information instantaneously. The center picks up the light and projects it into an image, and the mind interprets it. The interpretation part is what can be tricky. We tend to want our perception to fulfill a preconceived idea. True clarity of perception is free from those confines. 


Signs Of Imbalance

  • fear of truth
  • fear of authority
  • fear of discipline
  • fear of one’s shadow
  • misinterprets motivation of others
  • attachment to outcome
  • insomnia
  • judgmental
  • paranoia
  • anxiety
  • clinging to past
  • a repeat of limiting life patterns


How To Heal The 6th Chakra

The first thing that comes to mind is around blame. As soon as we are in blame, we are not perceiving the story correctly. There is no power there. There is another story that wants to present itself that leaves you more empowered regardless of the situation.

Meditation is huge. Quiet that mind. Get used to stillness. 

Try visualization. Play with the imagination. The ability to daydream is an exercise of the 3rd eye. It allows a movie to play out that is not dependent on your physical eyes. It's a powerful tool in the process of living a magical life. We are all training to be creators here but it's important that we are creating out of fulfillment and not lack.

Wear blue clothes and stones. The color of the 3rd eye center is indigo blue. When we wear blue it triggers the energy center.  All energy manifested is light frequency and before things manifest into form they are subtle energy, so connect into the subtle energy of that chakra through color.

Do yoga poses that include putting your forehead to the mat, like child’s pose.


Balanced Sight

When the third eye is active it is invigorating. It feels like someone just turned on a light in a really dim room. You are quick to make accurate decisions that FEEL right in your body. You have an intuitive sense of when to talk and when to hold back. You have the patience that allows others to work through the entanglements that are theirs to work out. You feel creative and inspired. You see yourself clearly and you don’t allow another’s misperception to rock your boat because you know.

Your self-growth starts to exacerbate because you are seeing your lessons clearly and making new, empowered decisions to move beyond the old material. Life is fulfilling when we are growing and at the precipice of our wave.

Go for truth everything and this center will respond to your intention.

Happy seeing.