Kechari Mudra: For Instant Alignment

Kechari Mudra for Instant Alignment

Perhaps you have heard of the yogis drinking amrita nectar from the inside of their head. Perhaps you have not. The use of the ancient practice of kechari mudra, though it has been used to do just this, is also an amazing technique which, even as a beginner, can bring instant alignment and speed up manifestation.

Also called “the secret of the immortals” kechari mudra is a tongue mudra which has been practiced by yogis and sages for thousands of years in order to access tranquil states of Samadhi (nirvana) and to ward off death through drinking the fluid that drips from the pineal gland. This might take some time to realize these benefits as the length and stretchability of the tongue need to increase before the advanced states of the practice (and the pineal gland itself) can be reached. For a beginner, kechari mudra can bring instant alignment and magnify manifestation abilities with the simple touch of the tongue to the roof of the mouth mixed with intention, a method I have used on dozens if not hundreds of occasions for even the simplest things – like finding the best parking spot.

The word “kechari” in Sanskrit means something akin to “one who moves the supreme reality” or “one who moves the sky.” In yoga there are approximately 108 different mudras which help to activate and stimulate the 72,000 nadis – or energy passageways of the body. These “pressure points” bring alignment to what Chinese medicine refers to as the meridians of the body. By using kechari mudra you activate 84 meridian points and link up the 2 main meridians of the body, bringing harmony and aligning your energy field with the subtle energies of the universe – which is the means to manifestation. By coming into this alignment, the power of manifestation increases so much – it is akin to “moving the sky.”

How do you do it?

With every subsequent stage, the breath is slowed and awareness is brought within by turning the eye gaze upward toward the forehead center. In order to reach later stages, the tongue must be lengthened. This can be done simply through tongue massage and lion's breath mudra which requires the practitioner to extend the tongue out more and more. More advanced practitioners will snip, little by little, the frenulum membrane under the tongue. This is absolutely NOT recommended unless under the strict guidance of a professional at this mudra!

Stage 1 - Simply touch the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth, just behind the teeth.

Stage 2 – Begin to reach the tongue back to the soft palate of the mouth

Stage 3 – Touch the tip of the tongue to the uvula at the back of the throat.

Stage 4 – Slip the tongue into the nasal cavity behind the soft palate.

Stage 5 – Touch the tip of the tongue to the pineal gland and taste the sweet substance that drips from this place.

Did you know the average human tongue reaches about four inches long? That's right, except most of it is in the throat and contracted into the mouth where we keep it hidden for talking and masticating. The human tongue can be stretched, the same way any other muscle can – by massaging and exercising it. Advanced stages of kechari can only be reached through a lengthened tongue (and usually one with the frenulum severed – again, not to be done on one's own!) But earlier stages of kechari can be done by anyone and used daily to calm the mind and align oneself with harmony, joy and manifest intention.

The space behind the upper teeth, where the initial stage of kechari mudra begins, is the end and beginning of the 2 main meridians of the body – the governing meridian and the conception vessel meridian. When touching the tip of the tongue to the roof of the mouth, not only do you stimulate the 84 meridian points mentioned earlier, but you connect these two main circuits in the body and so they become one, continuous circuit of energy – up the front of the body from pubis to tongue and up over the top of the head and down the spine to the anus. By “plugging in the circuit” and accessing a continuous flow of cosmic energy in the body (martial artists learn this trick), inner peace and bliss are dialed in and the ability to draw to you what you think about.

To Manifest Intentions with this Mudra

When there is something you are wishing to bring into your reality, be it a great parking spot or a divine partnership, every time you think of that thing, do the kechari mudra and hold it for 10 seconds or more. In your morning visualizations, prayers and meditations, add kechari mudra to increase their power and potency. Try reaching your tongue back a little further every time until you eventually reach the uvula in the back of the throat (what yogis deem the “little tongue”).

The great thing about this practice kechari mudra is you can do it anywhere with very little effort. I practice while I am driving in the car, in the shower, waiting in lines, falling asleep, and listening to someone – which affords me greater attention to what they are saying. Truly, this great mudra is king of mudras and brings instant alignment to anyone willing to practice. Try it -- you might just find life suddenly become a lot easier.