One Step Towards Saving The Earth

As humans, although many of us might feel ourselves to be alone or separate from others, we share this planet in coexistence with countless other creatures. And because of the very nature of our being, we are always constantly influencing all of those with which we coexist. In other words, we contribute to the creation of this earthly experience with our every breath. But, despite this inherent ‘power’, many of us do not know how to, or feel empowered to, make a real positive change in this world, fearing our efforts are meaningless in the larger scheme of things. In truth, the only change that can ever clean up this earth to enlighten all of her creatures is a personal, individual transformation of one’s value systems to be intended towards dedication to everything to which one is always in constant connection and relationship

Through living to help the web of existence that one is a part of, one gains all that s/he gives, as the good that s/he puts out into the world essentially enlightens the same world that enables his experience, rather than a separate world from himself. In this way, empowerment for anything is an empowerment for oneself, as love and goodness spread more abundantly than any other forces will ever hope to.

A simple and practical way to clean up this world (physically and energetically) in order to initiate the brighter future that is always necessary to create (if we hope to better the quality of life for the web of connection that is ours, and that will go on seeking to thrive beyond this lifetime), is through taking the initiative to "be the change," and making picking up trash a more intentional and casual part of one’s life.

Here, the saying “think globally, act locally” really rings true. Every action you take has the power to change the world. Whether that change is positive/enlightening/helping/healing or destructive/selfish/negative is up to you.

Although in most places on this earth there are specific bins to throw our manmade trash away, many humans still feel it is ok to litter the streets, beaches, parks and all sorts of public places rather than accept the intention to utilize these resources. Although they might believe these acts are harmless, this everyday form of pollution builds up and affects this earth in a real way. Sometimes other people must clean up after them, and sometimes this waste is absorbed by nature in other unhealthy ways, or simply leaves our environment with a vibe of disgust and disrespect.

What can I do?

We should always clean up after ourselves, as we share a planet with many. For those of us that don’t litter, it is not our fault that this world is in the shape that it is. But if you are someone that complains in this case about the world being dirty, or if you want to start taking responsibility for the earth you walk on, you can start with yourself.

The Challenge:

You don’t have to snatch every piece of garbage you see, but at least (and this is what I do) if you are walking and see a piece of trash on the ground upon your path (within 10 feet or so), let yourself pick it up. Every. Time.

There is no need to get carried away and make every casual walk to anywhere a whole clean-up session, as that takes a good amount of specific time and effort. But through this practice, service can become integrated as an everyday, casual part of your life.

We have one planet. This is the home we are interconnected to. It is a miraculous planet, and the only home we have, that deserves all of our attention. Let’s start treating it as we would treat ourselves - just like we shower or brush our teeth every day, we can help keep the earth clean every day.

The Details:

It doesn’t have to be a drag. That is a state of mind that is frankly unnecessary. It is possible to make  the movement swift, a most effortless part of your walk. Even a gratifying part of your work. It’s all simply a mindset.

The only reason people don’t do this as often is because it’s not culturally normalized. We don’t see others doing it. But it’s time to just do it so that we can create that reality and collective experience. 

Imagine what if this became totally normal? The cultural influence would spread to eradicate the habit of littering within all who witnessed what was occurring.

The Power:

We do not do it to be seen -- but we must not fear being seen either.

Others will get inspired. It’s common sense. We don’t have the luxury of simply complaining anymore. This is the process of individual action that is necessary if we want to see mass revolution. We can’t keep walking and hoping other people will do it. As the butterflies, we initiate global transformation through our own transformation.

And that can be as simple as stepping into our place here on earth, and saying thank you every once in a while with our actions. I’m not saying to pick up trash all over, although that is majorly helpful and beneficial. But what I am saying is that first off, if you’re intimidated by doing such big things and think you don’t matter, at least help make this place nicer. That’s one less piece of trash someone else has to pick up, and who knows when or if that would happen. Play your part today. Make it secondary to existing.