5 Health Benefits to Eating Nuts

Chips, cookies, candy… When we feel like snacking, we’re likely to choose things that aren’t good for us. Many people miss out on the nutrients they need to maintain a healthy life, but items like nuts offer the benefits we need to stay strong and energized throughout the day while also keeping away those nasty hunger pains. Here are five benefits of eating nuts.

5) IMPROVES CARDIOVASCULAR HEALTH – According to a Harvard Medical study, nuts keep us heart-healthy and less susceptible to cardiovascular disease. Loaded with unsaturated fats and omega-3s, nuts keep bad cholesterol down and plaque out of one’s arteries, allowing us to live longer (and probably happier).

4) INCREASES FIBER – Nuts are high in fiber, which keep one’s digestive system regulated and running smoothly. Having poor digestion can result in a number of problems, including low energy-levels and even colon cancer in certain instances.

3) BOOSTS ENERGY– Nuts are loaded with vitamin E, selenium and antioxidants. When combined, these agents work together to keep one’s aging process from speeding up. In staying young longer, one remains energized and strong throughout the years.

2) PROVIDES PROTEIN – Protein is one of the most important things our bodies need, but solid sources are hard to find. Most meats contain just as many fats (if not more) as they do proteins. Nuts are great because they provide the proteins necessary for building muscles, bones, and strength without added heart problems or weight gain. Nuts are a great protein alternative to meat.

1) SPURS WEIGHT LOSS – Studies show that eating nuts can cause one to feel full sooner. The person in question is therefore likely to eat less and burn more calories than they’re consuming. This results in easy weight loss, giving you the lean look you’ve always wanted.