5 Herbs that Help Stop Tooth Decay

Tooth decay, otherwise known as dental caries, is caused when bacteria grows on our teeth, which can then form holes. Alright, let’s face it -- holes in your teeth can put holes in your pocket when you have to go to the dentist to have them fixed. Well, thank goodness for natural remedies, right? Here are 5 herbs that will help you not only stop tooth decay, but help you save your teeth and your money.

  1. Goldenseal

This herb was used for its many medicinal purposes by Native Americans. One of its various uses is to help treat and prevent tooth decay. It is most helpful when brewed as a tea and then used as a mouth-rinse.

  1. Myrrh

The herb has been used since ancient times and even in holy rituals. When used as in a tincture and mixed with water, it can help to prevent mouth infections as well as stop tooth decay or other dental problems, such as gum disease.

  1. Common Sage

Sage is another herb with multiple medicinal uses. One of sage’s excellent uses is fighting tooth-decay, and it is also anti-bacterial. It is recommended that you brew sage like tea and use as a mouth rinse.

  1. Thyme

The herb’s antiseptic and anti-fungal properties make it a great herb for helping to cure and prevent gum disease or tooth decay. It can be made into a mouth rinse by its tea, tincture, or essential oil form.

  1. Camellia sinensis

The herb is a species of evergreen shrub and is mainly used to make green tea. Green tea contains a natural source of fluoride, which helps prevent and cure tooth-decay.

Most naturopathic dentists recommend reducing sugar and starch as the best way to stop and prevent tooth decay.

Feel free to try one or more of these out, and let me know if any of these herbs help your tooth-decay go away.