How To Declutter

We live in a world where we are bombarded with marketing and advertising that promise us the hopes and dreams of an amazing life, if we just had _________ (insert whatever that may be here).

About 4 years ago, it really dawned on me that no matter what I bought, it only pacified me for a short period of time.  For that moment, I was happy, satisfied and complete.  But these feelings were always short lived, and I would always find myself longing for something else to buy that would make me feel worthy.  But in 2012, that all changed when I came across the idea of minimalism and the notion that less really can be more; that less stuff can lead to more life.

So I went off into my spiritual journey, cleansing myself of stuff that occupied my physical space and mind.  I tossed, sold, donated and pruned my way to a place where I felt I now only had the essential things that I needed to live a comfortable healthy life.

This powerful and profound exercise of decluttering had paved a path for me to walk down that, to this day, has helped me to continue living a life of meaning and purpose.

I wanted to share with you some minimalistic tips to help you find your peace and happiness.

  1. Take small steps and maybe start with your junk drawer(s).  Take everything out and only keep the stuff that you’ve used in the last 6 months.  Everything else - either sell, donate or trash.  Continue this for however long it takes to clear out your entire house or apartment, work space, storage and anywhere else you have personal possessions so you’re just left with the essentials. 
  2. Try not to buy anything new until you’ve done #1 above.  If you do buy something new, try to remove something old.  That way, you stay in balance and are not over accumulating again.
  3. Forget about your “just in case” items.  These items are rarely used or are completely forgotten, and take up precious space.  A clear space is beautiful to look at.
  4. If you live with others, have them join you in the decluttering fun. If it’s not their cup of tea, continue with your minimalistic quest anyway.  Maybe your actions will eventually inspire them to take their own action.

When you have less stuff, you quickly realize you have less to clean and maintain, your mind is more clear, you save more money and your new found freedom can help you focus on your passions and spending time with loved ones.  It is possible to live in a materialistic world and not be burdened or consumed by it.  A life of less things and more quality experiences is a life worth living.