What Is 推拿 Tui Na?

Tui Na 推拿 translates as “Push and Grasp” and indicates the active, hands on form of massage/bodywork sometimes referred to as “Chinese Meridian Massage.” Developed and practiced over thousands of years, Tui Na follows the theories and concepts of TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), utilizing the remarkable energies of the hand guided by the mind/heart Xin ⼼. In short, Tui Na utilizes the strength and suppleness of the human hand to work the body/mind/spirit like acupuncture does, just without needles! 

Tui Na is widely practiced throughout the Asian world and is becoming popular in the West due to its remarkable, even transformative, results. Tui Na focuses its work along the Meridian lines (“energy rivers”) used in acupuncture and acupressure, especially focusing on the joints, the “river bends” if you will. From lighter movements akin to Swedish Massage’s effleurage out to stronger more assertive movements comparable to Deep Tissue massage, Tui Na uses a variety of different hand (and arm!) movements and a range of pressures to create a broad and effective spectrum of therapeutic touch. 

Tui Na can be used for general relaxation, to increase circulation, to improve joint mobility, and in the hands of a gifted practitioner, as a flexible and deep healing arts form. The “goal” of Tui Na is to allow the body’s Qi 氣 (innate wisdom and energy) to circulate well, thus encouraging balance and natural health of body, mind, and spirit.