Healing Journeys: Astrology Coaching Session #1

“Welcome to the world of authentic spiritual power” she said to me as we sat in our first astrology coaching session. Andrea Bryant from Awaken Astrology is as inspired as she is articulate, and I am so lucky that I have the opportunity to sit with her.

We talked about the energies and revelations that come with my October Astrology Forecast. In this forecast (and my life), threads of self-reliance have come center stage. I’ve talked about this in my energy healing blog multiple times, but I have a tendency to look to others for feelings of comfort and security. I externalize my feelings of safety.

Or, I used to.

Lately, I’ve become much more proactive about my mental health. I’ve struggled with anxiety since I was twenty, and certain phases have been better or worse than others.

Well, again, that’s until now. I am overcoming fears every day.

Andrea always stresses the importance of perspective. We talked about how not everyone sees the world in the same way that I (or you!) do. Understanding and empathy are invaluable traits to cultivate. Are you facing a challenge? Turn it into a growing opportunity! I have recently reframed my fear of anxiety I could experience during an activity into looking forward to the amazing feeling that will flood my body after I do something that scares me. It’s all about perspective.

Because I have anxiety, I spend a lot of time talking or thinking about my anxiety. Andrea reminded me that I am a naturally balanced person (as we all are) but that I’m concentrating too meticulously on some more “negative” energies, thereby “increasing” the role that they play in my daily life.

Anxiety is almost more of a habit for me than it is a particular mental health issue. I am used to feeling anxious or worrying about anxiety. It gives me intellectual stimulation and a sense of “something to do”. It’s time to break that habit. How? In part through replacing it with the positive habit of self-love, self-care, and trust in my own unique, divine being.

With these shifts in perspective and a concentration on cultivating the more inherently balanced aspects of myself, I’m learning to trust myself more. And when I trust myself, it makes me realize that I am the one I need to trust, turn to, and nurture.

None of this is to say that you don’t “need” or rely on people you love, or to feel you’re exempt from being there for your loved ones. It just means that you (and I!) come first.

Make yourself your habit.