2 Worlds, 1 Choice

Whichever you focus on—either the arising, awakening, and creation of the new, or the havoc, eruption, insanity, and destruction of the old—is the reality you will experience. 

While an illusory world based on the beliefs of separation is coming to the surface to be disintegrated by the collective expansion of heart-intuited awareness, the collapse of these outdated systems will not go down smoothly. The good news is that you may experience that havoc, or not. 

It is important we all come together using everything we have to create change at this time—however, to do so there is absolutely no requirement we deplete ourselves of the possibility of feeling good and hopeful about where we’re at. 

Understanding that this ever-heating intensity is a sign that we are at the breaking point of what has been causing friction upon humanity’s heart will help in making the transition to the new world view that is on us to commit ourselves to embodying with the most ease as it becomes clearer to be the most sustainable truth.

For there is another experience available at this time as well that is gaining momentum with each day: one of peace, one of faith, of optimism, of balanced wisdom, and of love. There is an experience made of a grander vision that sees the processes going about, feels gratitude for how far we've come, and is so excited about what we are building and unifying to further progress our species as a whole this time. That says "bring it on" because it sees, knows, and feels that the time has come for everything to flip on its head and lay out on the table, so that we may become clear about what we no longer choose, and what we instead prefer to experience. As selfishness is exposed for being the self destructive train-wreck of a quality that it is, the underlying pattern of nature’s integral laws of evolution are revealed, affirming that the way of truth, of nature, and of progress is based on love and cooperation to be the foundational understandings. The wisdom that elevates this understanding to be applied in a most functional way knows that we might not always have the power to control everything going on out there, but that we can choose whether we allow ourselves to internally be dragged down by it, or claim our energy for ourselves to invest on the positive that is crucial we begin to further feed if we hope to create the world we wish to see so urgently. 

To find this experience, do not go looking to the headlines. To access the gifts that are already here, promising a tomorrow more brilliant every time we take the steps as individuals to pay homage to the deeper blessing of our life and the grander opportunities to choose love and victory being presented NOW, we must look inside ourselves. Our place in the progressive track is accelerated each time we slow down the frenzy to open ourselves up to the new calling us in, promising we may create whatever we wish to create, from whatever state of being we prefer, in allowing others to remember their rights to feel the same. 

The more you focus on the old world qualities, the more you empower that reality to reign upon human consciousness. As we choose to remember love and cooperation, peace and calm, even when others in the world seem to be almost asking us to lose our minds and fight them back for the sake of protecting the potential of higher qualities, we get to choose the experience of reality we wish all to experience.

There is an incredible evolution happening that foretells of the necessary processes for a total restructuring and awakening of humanity’s latent potential. In order for this to be known in its fullness, we must firstly begin to know this experience for ourselves, to bless others with seeing that they have the choice to know the same. And so, a world of peace, of joy, and alignment with nature's greater truth is allowed to come faster and closer, so much so that it's NOW.


Which experience do you prefer? What world do you want to live in?