Chakra Series: The High Heart

Nestled between the heart and the throat sits an often unrecognized energy center which brings the consciousness and signatures of these two area's chakras together in a beautiful, harmonious, powerful way. Known by many as the “High Heart” or “Chakra 4.5” this chakra is all about living your personal truth and doing so with passion and conviction.

Anahata Chakra in the chest helps us tune into unconditional love and healing energy which, when grounded into the lower chakras, stimulates a powerful volt of energy, making its way for the throat center. Passing by the thymus gland, the body's main immune gland, the high-heart center takes the heart chakra's energy and draws down the clarity of the throat into a throbbing, centering, deep heart knowing which gives you the sense that you have purpose which can actually make an impact on the world.

When someone is wondering of their purpose, unsure what their life passion is really all about, I'd say the high heart is still in need of activation. This can be done by using tapping, gently over the sternum/thymus area with the fingertips, thereby stimulating this vital center and helping to reset the body's immune system. If we feel at all “off” in the body, we feel equally disconnected on a deeper level. The body is just a reflection of what is going on spiritually. Some may resist that statement, but if you look at everything as vibration, the body is the densest version of that. What we are attempting to do, I believe, is to bring into physical form the greatness and expansiveness of our spiritual selves.

The high heart is key in this.

Sitting between the heart center and the higher chakras, the high heart has the job of “regulating” how much we are actually bringing into form from our higher bodies. If it is too much, and we are not integrating fast enough, the body's immune system feels the effects. This is not a bad thing, as we want to be able to integrate and manifest high vibrations at the most responsible and healthy rate. The immune system is doing us a favor by “slowing us down” or letting us “get sick” (if that is what you want to still call it) in order to take the time and attention the body needs to adjust to the frequencies working their way into the body complex.

It's a process.

When we have reached “the tipping point” where we are fully capable of consistently bringing higher frequency, cosmic energies into our physical form without manifesting dis-ease in the body, then the high heart turns attention towards the soul-passion, the dharma or mission of the person. For there is a specific pattern we each carry. Together, we are one giant, amazing Divine tapestry of Oneness. When we are not functioning at our highest capacity with high-heart turned on, we manifest discord, to some degree, with at least some of the other people we overlap with.

When we can get the high-heart attuned to the frequency that matches our own personal “overlap” with the 3rd dimensional reality we walk around in and the higher dimensions we are functioning in and bringing gifts and energy in from, we will feel the potency of this energetic center as a very real sort of “control center” of how we see reality. In other traditions, the high heart is known as the assemblage point. It is the point through which we “assemble” our reality – how we see it and interact with it.

Where others are assembling their realities and where we are “intersecting” with them is how we create collective realities. We are either doing this with awareness, harmoniously, or we are doing so unconsciously, manifesting a collective reality few feel “good” about, as the collective immune system, if you will, is compromised by the discord felt by all involved.

Working on the high heart center, both through tapping and through other beneficial techniques, can dramatically change your life. It can put you into greater alignment with what I like to call “your cosmic mission” and help you come into more harmonious relationships and create soul agreements with others, which serves the greater whole.

What I like to use for High-Heart Activation:

Rose Quartz & Amazonite over the High-Heart

Rose Oil over the Thymus Gland

Rose Water in the bath while chanting/toning

Tapping over the Thymus Gland

Immune System “Reset” herbs such as Shilajit and Reishi Mushrooms

Maca Root for Glandular Balance/activation

Breathing in and out of the High-Heart area

Visualizing this area of the body lit up and flowing a light glow

Consciously stating/creating an assemblage point with someone else I know

Yoga poses that open the front of the chest – like Cobra pose and Camel pose

Swimming in the ocean

Walking barefoot in the forest

Laying down in a field of wildflowers

I mention specific “connecting with nature” exercises as the last few in my list above because I truly believe that Nature is one of the best chakra activators we can find. Gaia and the energies of the earth are attuned to us; we are her children; we live on her. The more we put ourselves “on her” and allow for the adjustments we need to take place, the more they will. We live in a world where we are basically taught and shown how to disconnect with the planet, and thereby, with ourselves at the deepest level.

The high-heart and its activation are all about remembering that you are not just a physical body and not just a spiritual being, but a multidimensional god/goddess in form, here on a Divine impetus to create a new blueprint of change and evolutionary delight for all. Tune into your high heart right now, and see how “alive” you feel.

Follow along with this guided meditation for your high heart: