Malachite - Harmonizing the Song of the Self

Accidentally letting the smooth piece of Malachite drop from my hand onto the hard cement floor, I saw a corner fly off. This was before I was aware of the 2 rating this stone has on the Mohs scale – which basically means it is one of the softest stones there is (Diamonds rate a 10 – the hardest). This is when it came into my awareness that you could powder this stone easily in a mortar and pestle, as the Egyptians did, who often used this stone as eye make up to ward off evil. The color is also extremely rich and gorgeous, the wearing of which inspires and attracts synchronicity and helps remove obstacles.

Green with rings of black, like eyes peering out through the stone from history. In some pieces, you can see the bubbling of the molten earth and it feels as though it was frozen in time trying to tell you  something. It was. It is. Malachite is a record keeper for the planet. Within its concentric bands, if you tune in and listen, you can download wisdom of the ages and find harmonious resonance with a frequency that not only offers the healing vibration of greens, but the purification blessings of the black stones in its rings. Use Malachite to align your physical body with the harmonious rhythm of your inner song of Self and rise up as an earth-keeper standing in authentic truth on this planet.

Receiving Guidance

After reading about the earth-keeping properties of Malachite, I began practicing a meditation which entails simply staring into the rings of black found on the stone. By relaxing and allowing any information to drop into my field and awareness, I began to feel a deep resonance with the stone and find myself attracted to people and experiences, books and knowledge which uncovered amazing truths about our planet and the mystical wisdoms held therein. I knew I was being guided by Malachite when one day I was handed the book Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians by Michael Katz which opened my mind up to so much more than I ever thought possible regarding gemstones and crystals.

In the Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians I was introduced to the idea that each stone had something akin to a guardian angel, a deva that watched over and protected that stone for the benefit of humanity. By exposing myself to such knowledge, I began to communicate with my stones differently, aware that even though they are of the mineral kingdom, they have consciousness too, a mission to complete, which involves working with humans.

Soon after acquiring a Malachite stone and working with it regularly, I was gifted an oracle deck of cards called The Crystal Ally Cards by Nashia Ashain.  The regular use of those cards then catapulted my awareness of gemstone wisdom and crystal power and proceeded to prompt an inner communication and relationship between myself and the crystals that was previously unexpected.

Drawing a different card daily and meditating on that stone for guidance I was led into a personal relationship with the stones, whereby they began to communicate with me, by dropping into my field of awareness, when their assistance would be useful. Malachite led the way as I tuned in more and more to what the stones have to offer.

For Relationships

In relationships and unions, this stone is considered one of the best to help with harmony and open the heart to one another. Bringing the solidity of the earth to any union, there seems to be an encouragement toward loyalty and friendship which is stabilizing and peace-promoting. Keeping Malachite around, or by both partners wearing the stone, arguments can be avoided and a rhythm can be found between people that allows for the highest truth of both parties to be accessed. When we are “dancing” with another person, we can either be stepping on each other’s toes, or we can find the song of our communion and take turns leading and listening. Malachite amplifies our individual songs so we can find the “cross-over” where personal melodies become conjoined symphonies of expression. When this is not occurring, due to some discord needing to be heard or worked out, Malachite highlights these things and allows for a smoothing out and softening to occur that is akin to its own substance.


This is one area where Malachite knows no real equal, for the vibration of this stone sings to the organs of the body and encourages them to “sing back,” bringing attention to where the body is out of balance so it may self-correct.  Truly, our bodies, when in optimum health, sing a song. This song is unique to each one of us, though carries the signature of the Source energy that created us. When we are out of alignment with that Source power, our bodies adjust and try and compensate for our misalignment, but what often results is disease in the body and discord in our emotional body and life expressions. If this continues for an extended period of time, it will sap our life force and leave us crippled in some way due.

When using Malachite to improve health, it is recommended to acquire round spheres and wear as a necklace. In this way, the energy and vibration of the stone spills into your auric field and lifts it to match the frequency of the Malachite. At first, this may cause an enhanced feeling of discord, and so it is recommended to only wear for a few hours each day. Over time, the stone will help detox the organs and purify the bloodstream, as well as bring emotions and mental states into balance and harmony, allowing you to hear your own song once again.

Malachite is a powerful ally to use when ready to truly sing the song of the self. For new earth walkers and conscious “light-workers,” those front lining the consciousness movement on the planet, this stone enhances the ability and strength to lead and be an example of higher truths. In history, Malachite was worn by royalty and leaders of nations. It was worn by psychics and those who sought spiritual insight. Today, this stone can be a positive ally on your path to authenticity, empowerment, greater earth connection and truth. Tune into the power of this precious stone and feel the healing and resonance that comes with hearing your song come to life!