Honey: Nature's Healer

Honey has been regarded as a sweet treat for thousands of years. But, honey’s nutrient and vitamin dense makeup also makes it a great remedy for some common issues.

So, what is honey? Honey is collected nectar that is stored, transported, and regurgitated by bees in the hive. Because of the multiple (natural) refining processes that honey goes through before collection by a beekeeper, honey can be stored indefinitely.  

Healing Properties Of Honey

Natural Allergy Remedy: Honey can treat allergies in two ways. First, the anti-inflammatory properties of honey can soothe congestion and coughs. Second, honey can act preventatively against allergies as a sort of vaccine: honey contains pollen from the plants in the area. To utilize this trick, make sure you buy raw honey that is local to the area in which you experience your allergies.

Natural Sleep Aid: Honey is chock-full of amino acids, including tryptophan, which converts to serotonin and then melatonin. The sugar content in honey also raises insulin levels, which makes this process more easily absorbed by the body.

Reduces Symptoms of Cold and Flu: Honey’s syrupy texture (combined with the anti-inflammatory and relaxing effects discussed above) make honey a safe, natural, and yummy way to whether the cold or flu.

Salve for Burns and Cuts: Honey naturally consists of a small amount of hydrogen peroxide, which (among other nutrients) makes honey antibacterial! The antimicrobial properties in honey protect a wound from bacteria while also promoting healing.

Acne: The same antimicrobial and antibacterial components in honey that protect and heal wounds work on acne, too! Covering the effected area with a thin layer of honey and then covering with a bandage or dressing of your choice can work wonders overnight, especially if applied consistently (I aim for a few times a week for a breakout or particularly stubborn patch). Sometimes, I even do a mask where I cover my face in a thin layer of honey and read a book for an hour while it sits. The honey also hydrates your skin, so you won’t be left with a super dry feeling post mask application.

Blood Sugar Regulation: Honey’s unique combination of glucose and fructose actually counteract extreme spikes and dips in blood sugar that other sugars can cause.

Athletic Performance: Honey helps athletic performance by maintaining glycogen levels (as discussed above). Honey also provides a constant, steady source of carbs to muscles (which gives us fuel to perform our best). Honey also speeds up recovery time from athletic activity by readily replenishing your body’s glucose levels that were depleted during the workout.

As an important note, never feed infants honey – their systems are not developed enough to process certain components of honey.

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