Sound Therapy as a Catalyst for Lasting Change: 4 Ways to Begin Healing

Most of us carefully consider what we eat amidst the choices of healthy and not so healthy options. Have you ever, though, evaluated the sounds that you are bombarded with in nearly every moment as promoting or depleting your health? To be holistic in our pursuit of health, we must observe everything we take in, and one of those things is sound. 
We are all enchanted (one way or another) by sounds. What makes our bodies and muscles come alive with music? What helps us pick out the voice of our loved one in a room with a hundred other people? What causes the instantaneous rise of the hair on the back of our necks with the slightest bump in the night?
The answer is, our subconscious. Our bodies are very sophisticated instruments and we are all tuned to a frequency, both in our conscious and subconscious or subtle minds. Our subconscious minds are patterned by vibration. In the spectrum that we understand, light becomes vibration becomes sound becomes thought becomes matter. As I put this pen to paper now and write this article, this process plays out, as I draw my thoughts from the sounds and vibrations that my body and mind are tuning into at the moment. I would postulate that the opposite is true and known as the death or release cycle of matter going back into sound/vibration and returning to light. If we are talking about wellness and healing, we must also address both the creation process and destruction process. 
Our bodies have multiple frequencies or vibrations that can fall into disharmony and become out of tune with our highest individual potentials. (Really, the spectrum of vibration is nothing more than pure potential.) Subconscious destructive patterns that we repeat over and over and over can be difficult to overcome. Why? Because, at the root of it, we are in dissonance with our true selves. Why can't we think our way to personal change? Our thoughts are birthed from our vibration, so we must change that vibration to change the thought patterns. Ultimately, it's about synchronizing with our own unique bandwidth of health. 
Sound therapy is just that mechanism of synchronization. Sound therapy is about breaking through the toxic thoughts and patterns that lead to depression, negative attachment, physical disease, post traumatic stress, apathy and nearly all forms these maladies take on. If we can hold a different vibration, even if it's only for a few minutes per day, we can eliminate the disharmony in our bodies, our beliefs, and even our bellies. We can also bring ourselves out of the spirit of crisis and instead bring into our physical reality all that we desire. How? 
1. Healing Sound of your own voice
Through the use of mantra or chanting we can bring our mind, emotions and physical body all in alignment. Our voice is deeply healing. Even if we are going through an intense emotion, we can allow it to pass and absorb the lesson quicker if we tune into our unique voice fingerprint. Our voice helps us digest what is currently happening in our reality. It's like the doctor and patient all wrapped into one package, there to tell us what is wrong and simultaneously give us the right tones to treat it. Our bodies innate intelligence is far beyond what we currently understand, and contained within that intelligence is all of the medicine we need. We readily and subconciously recognize and listen much more deeply to our own voice than other tones, and therefore, we don't even need a chant or mantra. Simply listening to our voice throughout our everyday lives has potent and lasting healing power. Dont just listen to your words but ABSORB your own frequency back into your heart. 
2. Sound Bowls
The practice of using crystal and metal sound bowls to transform our physical reality is not a new one. Tibetan monks have been using sound bowls for centuries healing themselves, earth and attempting to hold high frequencies for the human species to evolve out of the patterns of pain. Crystal sound bowls are the same concept made out of quartz and other high frequency stones. They are made to resonate to a specific note and chakra so that we can systematically clear our negative beliefs and energize ourselves to hold more of our own resonant truth. 
3. Drums & Heart Beats
To re-wild our mind and come back into our powerful raw state of being, look no further than the drum. If you don't have one lying around your house, you're in luck because you were born with one- your heart! Both a drum in your hands and your hands on the beat of your heart provide healthy, grounding energy. The frequencies that help us align and bring us to our most healthy divine self, also have the ability to leave us flying high in the ethers. To complete the circuit and help us embody the change, we must ground all of those high vibes back into our body at a primal cellular level. The drum is a highly effective tool at bringing us into wholeness and supporting our integration. After meditation, song, dance or extreme emotions, put your hands on your heart and feel the natural beats that build strong connections for you to assimilate your experience. 
4. Silence
The rich sound of silence. When we walk into the wild, we are sometimes blown open at what we perceive as the lack of residual sound. As we stay longer and longer in nature, however, we realize that there surrounds us a bouquet of vibrations much more subtle than the industry of humanity. This "silence" is earth's frequency. Our bodies are made of earth. Therefore, when we go out into nature we are free to fully tune into the resonant healthy sounds and vibrations that pull us back into alignment with wild wellness. If you don't have wilderness around where you live, it's okay. The same primal silence that exists in old growth forests, still lakes, chaotic rivers, and crisp mountains, also exists richly within you. By practicing holding those frequencies of silence within, we heal ourselves and by the laws of quantum physics, we can literally bring back the health and thrive-ability of our earth. 
As quantum physicist and Noble Peace Prize winner Max Planck said, "I regard matter as derivative from consciousness." So, how do we bring about lasting physical wellness and bliss? According to Planck; consciousness. Vibration. Thought. Sound.
By: Jen Cobet
Born on the eve of the full moon and raised by the force of curiosity, Jen SevenSeed, is a child of apotheosis, a scientist of the soul, and a meta-bio-linguist decoding the many languages of life.