Express Your Creativity Under the August 15 Full Moon

Get ready to express yourself creatively under the powerful fiery energy of the August Full Moon on August 15—when the Sun, Mercury, Venus, and Mars all travel through the creative fire sign of Leo, and energetic Jupiter travels through the expressive fire sign of Sagittarius.

Like fire, the fire signs of Leo and Sagittarius make you want to spread the word, grow stronger, and increase your influence. Fire generates heat, movement, and activity. Fire can be creative. It can even be outrageous. Fire also can be destructive if it is not focused and kept under control. So, make sure to direct your forceful energies, opinions, and actions in positive directions under the upcoming August Full Moon on August 15. You can be a force for much good with the activating fire energies. Or, like fire, you can reduce to ashes everything in your path.

Like most celestial transits, the effect of the August 15 Full Moon will create a mix of both constructive and destructive outcomes. 

The Leo Sun-Aquarius Full Moon combination forms a potent square angle with innovative Uranus in Taurus. This also portends more unexpected and even unusual outcomes than we’ve become accustomed to in recent years. The influence of Uranus on the Full Moon can be erratic, eccentric, independent, and even non-conformist or lawless. There can be a sense of anarchy. Yet, channeled in a productive way, this intense, hot energy can be quite productive.

The antidote to the potentially disruptive energy of the August Full 15 Moon is introspection and the search for higher consciousness. As you slow down, calm your nerves, and look inside for the answers rather than to the outer world, which may be a bit more chaotic than usual, you will find an inner peace and solitude that will provide the peace, joy, and harmony you may be seeking in the jostling of outer social activities.

To soothe your nerves during the August 15 Full Moon, consider spending some time by water—either by a lake, river, or ocean. Or in water—in a pool, hot tub, or your own bathtub…if you choose the privacy of your own home, think about adding some regular salt, epsom salts, baking soda, or essential oils (such as lavender) to the bath water. This will provide a reflective environment where you can tune in to your peaceful inner voices that can guide you to your next step under the somewhat restless and overly-activating energies of 5 planets in fire signs!

If you were born under one of the fire signs of Aries, Leo, or Sagittarius, the August 15 Full Moon will activate your fire energy and may make you feel a bit over-the-top. If you generally are excitable, follow the remedy in the above paragraph (immersing yourself in water) to cool your nerves and gain perspective. Think clearly about your next step, and move forward with confidence when you are convinced you have chosen the correct strategy. You have the potential to be quite creative at this time!

If you were born under one of the air signs of Gemini, Libra, or Aquarius, you will feel right in sync with the powerful fiery energies of the August 15 Full Moon. The fiery energy will warm your airy constitution and give you the stamina to manifest the altruistic ideals in your mind. Think about your projects from multiple perspectives before taking definitive action. When you are clear you have chosen the correct course of action—go forward full force! Your creativity is at a peak!

If you were born under one of the water signs of Cancer, Scorpio, or Pisces, you nerves may feel a bit jostled by the overwhelmingly hot and dry fire energy of the August 15 Full Moon. Like the fire signs, you will do well to immerse yourself in water in the days leading up to the Full Moon. Spend time by a lake, river, or ocean. Or take frequent showers or baths. These will help you release excess emotional energy if events swirling around you become too overwhelming. Deep breathing will also help you slow down and gain perspective. Contemplate creative solutions you would like to pursue.

If you were born under one of the earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn, the fiery energy of the August 15 Full Moon may be a bit irritating to your steady, methodical nature. Either suspend action on rigid plans and expectations in the days leading up to the August 15 Full Moon. Or, let go of attachment to expectations of certain results in those pre-Full Moon days. You may be involved in a lot of activity under the fiery Full Moon. But all may not go according to your plans. So, if you’re okay with uncharted territory and unexpected results, this is the Full Moon for you. Creative alternatives certainly will abound. If you are attached to planned outcomes, this may be a time to put some plans on hold. Just watch the activity swirling around you, and enjoy the free time you suddenly have when you suspend normal activities and plans. This could be an excellent opportunity to experience some relaxation in your normally busy and scheduled life! And watch for the creative solutions others generate!