Your Weekly Astrological Forecast: September 30- October 6, 2018

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity.  Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto).  And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path.  It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.  *NOTE*  There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.  


Weekly Forecast:  September 30 – October 6, 2018


9/30 ~ Pluto Direct 18* CAPRICORN:

Pluto is in a long process (2008-2024) and we are now well past the 2016 MidPoint, and deep into course-correcting time on the other side. On a personal level, Pluto helps you dig up any destructive unconscious patterns, strips you raw and confronts you with who you are and how you will survive when nothing and no one else is available to help or support you. I like to think of Pluto as our ‘buried treasures’ and like diamonds, it requires a very special task to release from within and bring into the Light. Often, because Pluto rules death, rebirth & transformation, something is sacrificed for your own greater good. Although it is sometimes painful and debilitating, it doesn’t have to be, but is almost always (a) necessary and (b) ultimately *liberating*!!


Pluto is traveling through the Capricorn sector of your chart, digging deep and activating any other planets you may have in Capricorn (and Cancer/Aries & Libra by default). So, it’s good to look at this as an on-going purification & transformation of this department in life (and, subsequently the other three areas too). Pluto moves generations and great numbers of people along their evolutionary path, however, every year when it retrogrades, it turns that energy inward, giving us unique access to our own depths, where our SoulSelf resides. When it goes forward, like today, it is a very gradual awakening process that develops from there. Transformation happens behind the scenes and often out of the prying eyes of others, as well as your own conscious mind, this is deep Soul Work that only you can do. What have you really purified & transformed this year? or what would you like to?


Use this time to set intentions for purification in the sense that you are supported to strip away the non-essential and reconnect with your purest, original intent. Change is greatly supported at this time, so anything that you are really ready, truly willing & finally able to change, can be transformed forever. Capricorn gets everyone focused on choices & responsibilities, as well as the structure of your life that supports & protects you and the overall stability of whatever House it rules.


10/2 ~ Mercury (ideas, thoughts & concepts) ~square~ Pluto (rebirth & transformation):

This energy is a tough, yet powerful one. Its Highest expression would be to focus on your inner deep-dig, discovery & development. It enables you to look beneath the surface to some core drives and gain some valuable insights and thus, choose a plan of action based on your findings. You will want to know all the hidden meanings behind decisions you've made or want to make soon. Dig - you will find more than you think you're ready for, but apparently the Universe thinks differently! Pay attention and try not to worry about what anyone else thinks or believes. This energy's flip-side is to make you obsess over one particular idea and try to force others to your way of thinking. That is a bottomless pit - you cannot truly change the way other people think - you can only change the way you think and hope it enlightens others along the way ... and it will, for those who are tuned in to your level. Try to only focus on you and your direction.


10/5 ~ Venus Retrograde 10* SCORPIO:

*Check out Kelly’s website for details on current Venus Events:

The whole point of any planet going Retrograde is to bring up the issues of its domain, in Venus' case, values, priorities, beauty, love, relationships and resources. It brings these issues to the surface, essentially getting your attention in a way that (hopefully) will prompt you to want to explore more deeply (retrograde) and look at things from other perspectives, before charting the course of future forward movement (when direct and out of shadow) when you will have acquired more clarity and sure-footedness.


The Sign the Retrograde falls in represents the ‘theme’ and is where Venus extends her stay for one and all. For example, this one is in Scorpio and 2010 was the last time Venus Retrograded through Scorpio (before that, 2002), so how have your values and priorities evolved over the last 8 years where your power, death, sex, money and relationships are concerned? How would you like to evolve over the next 8 years? Venus energy focuses your attention on what you deeply value or what you give your resources to, which tells the Universe what you truly value. How did you spend your time, energy and money over the last cycle or two? How will/can that change going forward?


Shadow:  September 3 - October 5, 2018

~ Intro/Initiation of New You & New Priorities

Retro:  October 5 - November 16, 2018

~ Re-View, Re-Evaluate, Re-Vision, Re-Examine Relationships & Finances

Shadow:  November 16 - December 18, 2018

~ Integration of the New You & New Priorities

Integration:  December 18 - January 8, 2019

~ Anchoring the Scorpio Power & Energy and Grounding NEW 8-year Cycle


Venus *Retrograde* is About ...

•Reconnecting with All Your 6-Senses

•Review Anything of Value that has been Buried, Suppressed or Neglected of the Last 18-mo to 8-years

•Reviewing & Renewing the Sacred Feminine Aspects of Your Nature

•Assess the Evolution of Your Personal Values & Priorities on All Levels

•Assess the Value & Purpose of All Relationships, Partnerships & Collaborations

•Revitalize & Reestablish Your Magnetics: What You Naturally Magnetize and Naturally Repel

•Process & Integrate Energetic Shifts with Your Relationships & Resources

•Revive Your Essential Nature & Organically Change How You Relate with Others

•Renew your Spirit, your Faith, and your Commitment to the Sacred Feminine

•Focus on Your Resources & Definition of Wealth & Abundance

•Fortify & Restore Your Individual Sense of Self-Value / Self-Worth / Self-Esteem

•Reawaken Your Way of Living Your Life - and - of Living on Earth with Others


Venus in Libra ~ Aug 6 - Sept 9, 2018

Venus in Scorpio ~ Sept 9 -- Rx: Oct 5 -- Nov 16, 2018


Rx RE-Enters Libra ~ Oct 31, 2018 -- Dir: Nov 16

Dir RE-Enters Scorpio ~ Dec 2 - Jan 7, 2019


Aug 6 - Sept 9, 2018 ~ Venus in Libra ...

(again Oct 31 – Dec 2, 2018)

Venus (values, priorities, resources, love, art, beauty, culture) in Libra (balance, reciprocity, relationships) is a time to restore balance within your Being and develop a new sense of self-worth and self-value. This is an opportunity to (re) negotiate terms of your primary relationships and determine what is no longer important to you, while preparing to go deeper. If you align your priorities within your own Being, as well as your primary relationships of *NOW* ~ then it will make the deep dive in to the potent Scorpio energy more productive (and less debilitating). When Venus is in Libra, it is time to assess your priorities and re-establish balance with a cool head (Air sign), what's fair, just and worth it for you, by your own definition. It's time to take an honest look at how you, your life and choices affect those closest to you. And you want to reflect on how effective your choices actually are (or have been) in attracting your heart's desires. Remember, Libra is the lesson of "balance and reciprocity" which must be considered before taking on the Scorpio lesson of "karma and creation", otherwise you only create more "karma and creations" to clean up along the way. Venus will always remind you that you ARE what you attract and you show the Universe what you value by what you spend your primary resources on (time, energy, money). So use this time and Cycle to recalibrate things consciously and look for new ways of relating.


Sept 9 – Oct 31, 2018 ~ Venus in Scorpio ...

(again Dec 2 - Jan 7, 2019)

As you move through the relationship work in Libra, many new layers of life (and how connected to it all you really are) are revealed when she enters Scorpio. As new (or sometimes old) issues are exposed and brought in to the light, you begin to realize that the love and abundance you've managed to attract or create is a direct reflection of your own personal values and self-worth. As Venus moves in to Scorpio, it activates Soul-level work and illuminates how invisible energy is affecting your life and relationships. Ideas or beliefs that have become unconscious, hidden or buried, come in to your conscious awareness at this time, rooting-out any self-deceptions and/or bad habits which no longer support who you've become over the last 2-8 years. It's time to identify and release any self-sabotage, illusions, delusions or inner-darkness that is delaying your good or misguiding your power. It's time to distill your motivations back to their original essence and intentions. Define your terms. What is love? abundance? beauty? life? What do you want? and why do you want it? How will you create it? or magnetize it in? Scorpio is the energy and lesson of karma and creation, holding us all accountable for that which we bring in to being. And reminding us that willing and honorable sacrifice clears a space for magic to occur and invites the ancestors and invisible realms to contribute and assist. Venus in Scorpio reminds you that you are not the Source of power, but merely a channel or vehicle of its expression in form. As a human with free will and choice, it helps to also be responsible and aware anytime Scorpio is kicking. Releasing deeper issues, clearing a space to plant *NEW* seeds of potential, doing the 3D/visible work, then stepping back and allowing the invisible power of Source energy to breathe life into your intentions ~ is the best use of this time and energy. It can be intense and often challenging, but if you are able to push through the discomfort and face any dark Truths being revealed at this time, you will be cleansed, lighter and better able to direct your power and shape-shift as needed for living on a planet that is based on the Life/Death/Life Cycle and a natural rhythm.


Relevant Reflections:

Last Venus moved through Libra/Scorpio ~ Oct 15 – Dec 2, 2017

The last time Venus activated Libra/Scorpio was Oct/Nov 2017, which is a fairly regular occurrence. It's catching it at the Retrograde that makes this one special. However, the last one may have some clues, upon reflection, which turn out to be some kind of indicators pointing to what you are *reviewing* now.


Previous Venus Retrograde in Scorpio ~ 2010 / 2002 / 1994 / 1986 (8-year cycles)

This is a larger Cycle to focus on but still may yield some clues. Basically, all cycles eventually repeat themselves, some more often than others. The same Scorpio energy was activated back then, and will be again, however, the *surrounding* planetary support changes ~ the human condition evolves ~ your own personal support systems shape-shift as needed. Think about the Sign Lesson: Power to Create ~ and the subsequent Karma you create along with it. The issues: Power, Sex, Death, Money, Rebirth & Transformative Soul-Work. That's what's back on the table. You should be able to delineate a pattern. Think of the deaths, real & metaphorical, that you have experienced around those years. Think about your sexual preferences or levels of activity. Think about how you were creating your reality and with what resources. Think of the life-changing events that led you to *here & now*.


Now what? What do you want to create with your power and resources over the *next* 8 years? Set an intention to purify and distill your own power issues in to their most useful and basic elements. As a human being with conscious awareness, you are Infinitely creative and connected to an Infinite power Source. That is incredible *power* which requires an adequate structure, container or vehicle, a capable guide or director and a pure motivation to *create*.


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