#Wellness Wednesday- Yoga For Life: Week 105


Wellness Wednesday Week 105: The Swan Pose


Helps strengthen Arms.

Improves balance.

Helps prepare from more advanced arm balances.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Start sitting on knees. Put hands on ground in front of body fingers pointing towards knees. Bend at elbows and rest upper body on top of upper arms.

Body is in a straight line

Feet are up on toes and resting on ground.

Legs are straight and engaged.

Belly is toned and lifted.

Back is as straight as available.

Shoulders are back and away from ears.

Chest is lifting away from ground to prevent shoulders from curling.

Head is not curling towards ground.

Face is looking forwards.

Common Problems:

Shoulders are curling preventing the back from being straight.

Wrist are to far bent one way or the other, elbows should be above wrists.


Knees can be one ground for added support.

Feet can also be lifted off of ground for full pose.