Your Astrology Weekly Forecast: January 1-6. 2018

The Karmic Tools Weekly Forecast covers the current planetary transits which affect people in different ways and to various degrees of intensity.  Take notice when it is a Personal planet (Sun / Moon / Mercury / Venus / Mars) interacting with a Social (Jupiter/Saturn) or Collective planet (Uranus / Neptune/Pluto).  And pay extremely close attention when it is a Social planet interacting with a Collective planet because that means something *big* is brewing that will move large groups of people along their evolutionary paths. Tuning in to the energy and rhythm of the planets can serve as a useful *guide* as you move along your Individual Path.  It also helps to understand your place within the context of the larger Social & Collective Story. Below, you will find out how these energies tend to manifest, as well as guidance and direction.  *NOTE*  There are some days when there are NO CONTACTS (besides the Moon), please note that there are no missing entries, we just list the actual Activations of each week + the day they happen.   

Weekly Forecast:  January 1 – 6, 2018     

1/2 ~ Sun (core essential Self) ~sextile~ Neptune (vision & imagination): 

This energy activates your ability to dissolve the ego (momentarily) and allow your SoulSelf to shine through! Your Spiritual center, base or practice comes up - how is it supporting you? If you've gotten away from your practice, this energy will make it easier to connect to your Spirit, your intuition and the vision for your life's purpose, at this time. You may find where your contribution is most valued, when you step outside your Self and see how others' needs are important. Find a need and fill it ... in your own deliciously unique way, as you will be more giving & compassionate, naturally under this influence. Your physical energy may be low as a result of Neptune channeling the Sun's Source Energy inwardly to re-charge your Spirit. Otherwise, it could be projections of all kinds, yours and other people's as well. Best to spend some intentional solitude, preferably in nature if/when/where possible.

1/2 ~ Uranus Direct @24* ARIES:

Uranus is the planet of the liberating ordeal, sudden awakening of consciousness & unexpected events, as well as lightning, electricity & technology (among other things). It spends about 7+years in a Sign, moving through all 12 in about 84+ years. Uranus is completing its stay in ARIES, which started in 2010. It is a collective planet, so we can identify the outer manifestations of Uranus in the World pretty readily, but how has it gone for you, the individual? It’s an incredible time to review the last 8-years for aspects of your Self or Identity, who you are & what you want, which have utterly & completely, permanently changed. How have you been called to be more independent & self-sufficient? How well are the basic structures of society (banking, government, health care, education etc) serving your personal needs? Are they making life better for you (or not?) or have you been feeling pushed more toward individual responsibility & personal independence? Those with Aries/Libra or Cancer/Capricorn activated in their charts will likely have the most concrete experience of this liberating force moving through this section of their chart, and thus, automatically challenging the others to grow & develop too. For a frame of reference and clues to our current evolution, we can also review the history of 1927-1934, which was the last time Uranus was in ARIES.  

Uranus goes Retrograde for 5-months every year and it usually means that those sudden, unexpected events are more internal than external. Sudden insights, unexpected emotions, major shift in consciousness, which can have a positive or negative effect, can happen more easily & regularly during this time. Often, the purpose of this kind of disruption is to separate us from our routine or ‘normal way’ of discerning what's useful & relevant in the here & now (or not). It helps us to see things in a new light, usually by forcing us to suddenly improvise in a way we could not plan for, but are somehow also uniquely prepared to handle. That can be unsettling for some and exhilarating for others. Yet change is inevitable.    

Uranus, aka the Change Agent, has been shaking things up in your ARIES department of life and will now shift that energy to your TAURUS department of life. On some level, you’ve been renewed as an individual and because of that, your values & priorities are automatically next for an upgrade ala the Liberator. You should also consider the Elemental shift too because change has been activated via FIRE for the last 8-years, and now the Change Agent will be working through the EARTH Element to awaken us to this new level of being in a physical, living, breathing body, on this physical, living, breathing planet.

*Uranus in TAURUS – Last:  1934-1942  

2017 brought the 7th & final review in ARIES, though it will have an overlap period when one final dip at the end-degrees as it first enters Taurus. Jan – May 15th, 2018 is its last trek through the final degrees for a long time. We are all deeply supported for discovering radically new ways to do self-preservation on Earth, during this new era. Remember, when Uranus is involved, new & different wins over same-old, same-old. Review your Aries House to find the fruits of the last 8-years. Then, consciously prepare for the energy to move into your Taurus house changing how you do food, sex & money on a very personal level, but in radically new & different ways going forward.   

1/3 ~ Venus (essence & natural beauty) ~sextile~ Neptune (consciousness & vision): 

This energy connects your true values & priorities to Neptune, the planet of dreams, mysticism & other dimensions. You have an opportunity to gain some traction on making your vision tangible just by connecting to the essence that you want to experience. Feel the feeling and that will lead to the physical manifestation later. This energy helps you believe in what is possible and supports any artistic expression or active practice (vision boards, affirmations etc) that helps you hone the actual vision. Steps and strategies are for other planets, Venus only cares about the essence of nature & love and Neptune is definitely not who you'd work with for 'steps/strategies' ; -) Tune in to the natural beauty around you and suspend any usual inner dialogue for a day or two (as soon as you can) so you can connect to some inspiration guided by your own Heart & Soul (from the inside-out).

1/6 ~ Mercury (voice) ~trine~ Uranus (individuality):   (3 of 3:  11/25 ~ 12/10 ~ 1/6/2018)

This activation gives you access to your Higher Mind and opens the way for new, deeper insights that can guide & direct you at this time. Business as usual will not work, it's time to open up to the unusual, do something different, look at things from another angle and watch the ah-ha's start pouring in. Your intuition will be firing on all cylinders, giving you access to unprecedented clarity. While your thinking may lack discipline, your ability to access solutions to any recent (or long-standing) challenges will be off the charts. This energy will not be contained, even though it is generally all mental, you really will have a hard time keeping up with the ideas, thoughts, concepts & intuitions that come to you under this influence so try to take notes that you can refer to later when the grounding will be necessary. Pay attention to the messages that come through/from others as well since you never know how the Universe will show up. This alone is an indication that whatever your consciousness may not have been previously ready to assimilate or process is awakening now to that which is just for you!

1/6 ~ Mars (energy & passion) ~conjunct~ Jupiter (expansion & learning):

This is an excellent energy if you are beginning a new project or business because you will have considerably more energy than usual so use it wisely. Don't take unnecessary risks, but calculated risks are actually well-supported for a positive outcome under this influence. You will be optimistic and willing to do whatever it takes to facilitate progress. At the same time, if you are not initiating something and perhaps are struggling on one level or another, then watch your temper as things may appear worse than they really are or get blown way out of proportion. This can be a huge dose of Truth and passion, direct it consciously and you will accomplish great things in a short amount of time.

It's good to note that Mars only initiates with Jupiter every two years, so this is also the beginning of a new 2-year cycle of expansion of who you are and what you want on some level. Because of their respective cycles (Mars/2-yrs and Jupiter/12-yrs), the Sign is the magical ingredient to take note of, in this case (2018), they are connecting in Scorpio and the last time they initiated here was in 1982 so this is a particularly potent time to initiate, renew & expand your Scorpio department of life in a powerful way. Sex, death, money & power (among other things) cannot be ignored this year and the longer you ignore, bury or repress these tough but vital aspects of life, often, the bigger the explosion will be. I like to use Scorpio for the ‘energy of creation’ – it is all about learning how our power to create works and often, we learn through the karma we create too. However, it is also a rich *conception point* that you can use to consciously cleanse & safely expand these very areas. 


This article originally appeared on Karmic Tools.