Birthstone Series: Pearls & Moonstone For The Nurturing Cancer

The watery sign of Cancer has arrived with the height of the summer solstice. With the turning of her tides we find ourselves moved by our emotional bodies more than any other time of the year. Cancer is the Mother, the Moon, and the protective crab and to best support the energies she brings we lean on the Moonstone and wear Pearls.

Pearls have long been worn to connect one with the ocean and the energies thereof. Born in the sea, the Pearl has a special ability to tap one into the depth and majesty of the great waters, which symbolize our emotional body, perhaps more than any other stone or crystal. Having grown beautiful through the process of irritation, Pearls teach us of the wisdom in “being rubbed the wrong way” and the strength this can cultivate within, if we but allow it or choose to see it that way. With Pearl we can learn the art of wading through the challenges of our sensitivities in order to grow into the gifts of our particular soul signature.

The ocean has always been a living metaphor for the Mother, the wild, Divine Feminine who ebbs and flows, her tides pulled by the moon. Perhaps this is why Moonstone is the second natural stone for the Cancer person, for it helps one to easily attune to the lunar cycles. Cancer is naturally at home with the Moon, who rules her sign, and therefore is also most comfortable when aligning with all things lunar—including the receptive, creative, intuitive parts of the self. Moonstones help to develop these qualities in the self and also, when carefully chosen, show the light of “magic” across their surface when moved to and fro, just like the cycles of the moon.

My partner wears a gorgeous Moonstone on his left hand, appropriately over his ring finger, which is also the end of the triple-warmer meridian. This is very significant to me, and I wonder if he realizes how perfectly situated this ring is for this finger? The triple-warmer meridian is the companion meridian/organ to the Spleen, who is the “Mother” energy of the body. She handles the emotions and helps the body to regulate the influx of emotional currents and memories in the body and how they affect the other body systems—super appropriate to this Cancer-Mother conversation. The triple-warmer, on the “other” hand is the “Father/Partner” energy to the Spleen/Mother, and acts as a guardian for the body, noticing when the body might “take on” too much, emotionally, sending a warning in the form of a fight-or-flight impulse when needed. To have a Moonstone situated over the Triple Warmer finger on the Left side seems genius to me now, as I contemplate its positioning in considering Cancer energies and stones. Moonstone in this place would naturally help to work with the Masculine/Father energy in the body and together the result would very likely be a balanced emotional nature.

By this same sort of logic, Pearls would be naturally best worn over the heart, as they would soothe, soften and open the heart of the Cancer-self, the Mother within, and help to allow for the nurturing to the self that is so often needed when one is a natural giver.

The Cancerian is often described as moody, but even more accurate is that they “feel” everything. Water is their dominant sign, and by walking around as a living ocean, it is not easy for them to pass by anyone or through any situation without steeping a bit in that which is encountered —thereby absorbing a bit. A Cancer person is most naturally empathic, even psychic, and sometimes has difficulty separating their own feelings from those around them. By utilizing Moonstone, a Cancer personality can learn to become more keenly aware to cycles and their positioning within them. And when this occurs, a Cancer personality can learn to choose the best times to go “out” in the world, and when to “stay in” and get cozy with their Crabby selves (which by this, I mean, protective, self-contained nature). Pearls can give the Cancer nature the soft, soothing awareness that they are beautiful and glorious just the way they are, even if they feel as though they are drowning sometimes, in life or in the care of others.

In all of the Zodiac, no other sign is more “the mother” than the Cancer person. They are naturally the nurturer of the group, wanting to make sure that all needs are taken care of and that nobody is wanting. Often to the detriment of a Cancer person, they give and nurture and care and love almost without end—though, as symbolized by the Crab, they usually keep a shell over their own heart, wants, and needs, putting others before themselves. Pearls and Moonstones are good remedies for this tendency, as these treasures help to remind the Cancer person that their desires are valid, their needs important, too.

Cancer individuals are often both nurturing to others and limiting to the self; they are psychically sensitive and often unable to sort out whose stuff is whose in their inner well of emotions. By wearing Pearls and Moonstone the Cancer personality can become attuned to what is theirs to hold and what is best allotted to the other fish in the sea.

By resonating with Moonstone and Pearls, the Cancer nature in each one of us can be both cultivated and/or supported so as to bring out the nurture-nature required for the health of all beings, no matter what sign we are.