Essential Oils For Consciousness: Sage The Wise

Lighting a bundle of sage, the shaman, oracle, priestess, healer wafts the thick smoke of the quick-burning leaves in order to purify the space, open up psychic channels and prepare the way for deeper issues to be addressed. As the smoke clears, so too does the heaviness that was present before its igniting. All that was unclean is now clean, and negative energies cease in the space for the true work to begin.

In many traditions, and especially Native American, sage bundles are burned as purifying agents, to clear negative energies and prepare for spiritual work to be initiated. Sage is a wise plant; she knows how much there is to burn away and how hot to smolder.

I once took a bundle of sage to smudge a woman's house who had been living in state-approved housing with her large family containing multiple children with various energetic backgrounds, sensitivities and rebellious natures. That bundle of sage took off like wildfire. It burned the entire bundle within a couple of minutes, much to my shock. I have been smudging my own home and other people's homes and persons for ages. I had never in my life seen the plant act that way -- burn so quickly. As the bundle melted away into ash it whispered to me of the necessity of giving its whole self in this case, that the channels were in desperate need of purification and healing, and that its full transformation capacity was necessary in this situation.

Sage comes from the Latin “Salvia” which means “to heal.” It is a purifier, a cleanser; it lifts and enlivens and encourages the release of that which has been stuck or stagnant, or disallowing of connection to Spirit. This is true of the energies in and around people, places and things. Sage doesn't mind. She lifts, she detoxifies, she inspires. She is a plant spirit teacher and assists consciousness in reconnecting to the realm of Divine from which we all came. She is no respecter of persons and will restructure the molecules in the atmosphere where she works so as to best facilitate the highest function of that thing.

The feeling in the air after Sage has been there is unmistakable. You can sense the up-level in the atmosphere. It feels fresh, new, ready to be worked with. There is a channel opened and connection to the higher bodies are enhanced. Childhood traumas, including sexual traumas, are asked to depart and consciousness takes a leap to higher levels of self-appreciation.

Sage re-instills a sense of honor to a person and to a space. Honor is the natural state of our spirits, for we are divine. In the world of normal, dense, human interactions it is easy to forget that we are not “from” this realm, that we are connected to much more. Sage is ceremony.

It is the connector back to spirit. Consciousness is urged into a state of “remembrance” and soothed to soften the jagged lines between this world and the “other.”

The essential oil of Sage is a concentrated form of using the Sage leaves. I love the potency and its streamlined ability to connect one right up with higher frequencies. It severs density blocks and helps to lift one up easily and without the need for smoke and ashes, as lovely as those are.

I place several drops of Sage essential oil in my diffuser anytime I'd like to transform the space I am in. In my bath, a regular wash turns into a ceremonial pleasure and offering to the highest in me. This morning, as I prepared for my day with a Sage bath I literally felt my consciousness attune to that which is most in alignment with my best version of self today. It was my morning ritual and I added a further few drops to my shampoo to work the oils into my scalp to assist in releasing any negative mental programming and activate clarity and purpose.

When reaching for tools to help assist during this time of consciousness expansion and evolution, Sage essential oil is definitely in my box of goodies. Even laundry, dishes, countertops and hand soaps can use the extra up-level as we learn to interact with our environment in a new way. I just simply put a drop into my already environmentally conscious house products to shift their vibration towards a grander vision. I know this entire reality is constantly responding to my intention for it. Sage oil helps me to purify the old world attachments, stagnant thought-forms, and energies so that my whole world feels fresh and ready to manifest anew!

Perhaps you've tried essential oils for emotional support or physical ailments, but I highly recommend approaching them as consciousness-refinement tools, for they have the capacity to be that. In this time where much is falling away, crumbling in misalignment, essential oils are standing the test of time and timelessness where they show their true multi-dimensional fragrant capacities. Not only do they cross the blood-brain barrier immediately, they pass through of our body sheaths (koshas) with ease, so as to assist us in accessing full presence and authenticity. What a refreshing idea that is!