The Best Shampoos for Color Treated Hair

Getting your hair colored, whether you go to a conventional salon or prefer natural stay-at-home henna dyes, is a long, not to mention expensive, process. Who has time for daily maintenance following this already monthly dying routine?

Washing your hair with natural and organic shampoos and conditioners is already a preferable option, thanks to the bounty of toxins found in conventional hair products. Many natural shampoos ditch surfactants, like sulfates, that strip the hair of its natural oils, thus leaving it more open to color drainage during washings and weather. Here are five natural brands that are doing all that, while ensuring your hair stays vibrant, gorgeous, and colorful.

1) Rahua

This popular shampoo reigns king among natural shampoos for its luxurious scent and lather. Using a naturally-derived cleanser–from coconut oil–brings clarifying properties while ensuring your hair color stays vibrant. While expensive, the palo santo smell might be worth the price. Smell for yourself.

2) Acure Organics Natural Shampoo–Morrocan Argan Stem Cell + Argan Oil

Acure is a fan favorite, both for its lathering properties and inclusion of argan oil, which is especially smoothing for those dealing with extra frizz. The hydrating blend is especially great for those with color-treated or dry, thin hair.

3) John Masters Organics

John Masters is a popular brand for all things organic beauty and body, and their hair care product line is no different. With options for those with thick hair or dry, there’s a shampoo (and conditioner) for everyone. Try their color-enhancing line–for black, brown, blond or red hair–that works to nourish hair while creating shiny highlights. Not to mention, the smells are delicious.

4) Nurture My Body Fragrance Free Everyday Shampoo

This fragrance free shampoo lathers well and rinses cleanly, and is especially suited to those with sensitive skin and scalps. With a very low score from the Environmental Working Group (the lower, the better – as in less chemicals) the shampoo and conditioner combo work together to create soft, manageable hair that keeps your color in your hair – and not down the drain.

5) Morocco Method

This wild-crafted, paleo, and allergen-free line of shampoos isn’t your ordinary hair cleaner. Using ingredients like bentonite clay–especially useful for detoxifying your hair following a color treatment–and smelling like fresh wintergreen, Morocco Method products are as natural and nourishing as you can get. Every ingredient is pronounceable and all products double as a hand and body wash. And, of course, your color treated hair will look exactly as it should: colorful. 

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