The Royalty Of Saffron

Tiny threads of orangish-gold, staining clothes for monks and sanyasa, dying milk to support digestion, sprinkled for spells of love, costing upwards of $1000/pound --  the status of Saffron is that of royalty, and has been for thousands of years. Known to balance all three Ayurvedic doshas, this unique and rare spice has benefits and charm across the board.

Royalty and rarity go hand in hand, and Saffron threads are no exception. For when a thing takes so long to accumulate, but the benefits are so high that it warrants the task, you know you are dealing with a special sort of something. Just as in the case of meditation, building in richness as time goes by, Saffron is the herb of kings and queens as well as dedicated yogis and extremely conscious natural health practitioners because it takes a royal and refined mentality to appreciate something so uniquely potent.

It requires somewhere between 70,000 and 250,000 Saffron threads, hand picked from the Crocus sativus flower, to make up a single pound of this gift of the gods. The stigma of the Crocus flower is the Saffron herb and each flower only offers 3 stigmas, while a single Crocus plant will bloom only 4 flowers. As you can see, the cultivation of this royal thread takes a certain amount of determination. The motivation is duly met with reward, however – such is the potency of a single stigma, which delivers an incredible amount of blessings.

Spiritual and Physical Benefits

The use of Saffron in your diet will assist in the assimilation of both nutrients and spiritual knowledge. It is likely the reason why this color was chosen for the robes of a spiritual master, who spends his days  and nights dressed in the rich orange color of Saffron. When high frequencies come into the body during spiritual evolution, the nervous system is challenged to expand and transmute more energy than before. Saffron is wonderful for treating the nervous system and helping it to handle this increase in information.

For the skin, Saffron is fit for royalty, which includes those who know their Divine worth and immortal soul. The threads of this rare plant, when soaked in coconut oil or another nourishing base oil, can help to improve the appearance of skin, including the removal of dark circles under the eyes – the true sign of a spiritual warrior who has spent many a night awake, moving through transformation and soul changes. Saffron also gives a sort of light or glow to the skin which I am convinced, once again, is the sign of one who has refined their spirit and consciousness enough to even notice this royal herb.

For both the female and the male reproductive system, Saffron is an unparalleled gift for balance and harmony, helping to alleviate pains and dysfunction which disallow one from living from the fullness of their being. Truly, Saffron is a spiritual and energetic food, where only the smallest fraction of a bit of it can affect so much change and offer incredible healing to the body/mind/spirit complex. Through balancing the male and female reproductive systems the energetic body is also brought into cooperation wherein the associating masculine and feminine energies in the spine (pingala & ida) are able to more fully work together.

Shamanic Work

For those who are getting serious about shamanic work and higher level white magic, where the very matrix itself is affected by your word and action, Saffron is an excellent ally to bring into the picture as it potentiates the act of both commanding and spell-breaking.  In acts of purification and consecration of spiritual tools and locations, Saffron can be used with great success and is incredibly specific for such refined intentions.

When rare and specific transmutation is the flavor of your daily life, look for elements which manifest in the same glorious way. As rare as is the true oracle and spiritual practitioner, who works with forces outside the “everyday,” Saffron is equally unseen and unnoticed on the shelves and in the herb shop, leaving its discovery to one who knows how to use it as nature intended.

I truly believe we are caretakers of the elements, though we have forgotten as such. Saffron has long been used in magical circles as the special ingredient that helps to “control” weather. It is that which gracefully speaks to the spirit of the ether and translates pure intention into holy work whereby the elements listen to the heart of the commander in due response with honor. If you feel you know that the elements wish to be directed, and this is the reason they are running amok, call upon the royal threads of Saffron and weave with the Divine weaver, the tapestry of a future timeline that aligns with peace and love. The elements want to work harmoniously with us, but only in as much as we live in alignment with Mother Nature and the spirit of the One.

Love Spells

Given all the above information I will leave it to you to distill the way in which Saffron calls in love. Let it be reminded that to “cast a spell” on another and restrict personal will is never the intention of the pure of heart. Saffron is about breaking spells, not casting them. In love “spells” the energy is more in the direction of bringing your attention to the royalty of your very essence and focusing awareness on the rare and unique pattern you emit, and feeling it so much so that you inevitably attract to you the one who would complement you the most. Like the cosmetic benefits of Saffron, the love of your life is the one who would naturally inspire the glow on your face without creams or lotions. They are the one who would bring you to life by reflecting to you the very essence of your spiritual nature in such a way that your health, attitude and offerings are magnified in response.

Photo Credit: "Saffronby albastrica mititica is licensed under CC BY 2.0