#WellnessWednesday - Yoga For Life: Week 35

Virabhadrasana l / Warrior one



Stretches the quads.

Great preparation for backbends.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Feet: The front foot is pointing towards the top of your mat. The back heel is turned in enough to get your heel down.

Weight is balanced.

Back leg is straight, emphasizes inner rotation.

Front leg is in line with second toe and over the heel. Thigh is parallel to the earth.

Frontal hipbones square and lift off the front thigh.

Curves of the spine are balanced.

Arms are active and above the head.

Common Problems:

Stance is too narrow or too wide.

Hips fall towards the side of the front leg.

Misalignment of knees.

Head of arm bones are not anchored.


A wider stance right to left will allow for more mobility for tight hips.

Keep the back heel up.

Hands can be interlaced behind head or you can have cactus arms.