Citrine Quartz for Manifestation and Empowerment

I saw it in a crystal shop in Pune, India, and I couldn't put it down. It was calling to me. Something inside urged me to listen and I held it next to my navel center as I sorted through the array of stone carved bowls, silk scarves and other delicate trinkets. Its color was warm, comforting and powerful. I felt stronger and more able to see what would unfold for me from there after the soul-transformative experience I had just engaged in for the previous four months. This Citrine had to come home with me, there was no doubt. From that day forward I engaged the healing power of Citrine quartz to tune me into greater empowerment and amplified manifestation abilities.

If you have ever kept a close eye on your crystals, you know they shift with you and transform as your environment does. Many stones take on negative energies and transmute them. Most of the stones which do this well are black, but Citrine is a master of transmutation. It is one of the few stones which does not need to be cleansed, but is self-cleansing. With a vibratory frequency to match that of abundance and high-level magic, Citrine is the stone you want around you when stimulating the Cosmos for manifestation. It will hold your vision and help ground it into the physical. It does this well because of its golden hue, which connects through the navel chakra to access the cosmic zero point – the place from which all creativity springs.

The yellow-gold of Citrine is also great for stomach and digestive issues in the physical, but translates this quality well to a spiritual level of assimilating higher awarenesses and integrating wisdom in a way that sustains the soul.  

I purchased my Citrine along with an Elestial quartz crystal and a few dozen stone carved bowls made from various agates and jasper and headed out. My intention was to deepen my connection to the Crystal kingdom and escalate my spiritual journey. My trip immediately transformed into one of greater synchronicity and manifestation as I held Citrine close to my side and continued to speak into reality so many experiences and people who would forever alter my existence. 

Inviting stones onto your path can accelerate things quite a bit. Dreams began to speak to me in more vivid details and clarity entered my mind as to the direction my life should take.

Gently activating Manipura chakra in the navel, Citrine quartz resonates well with the Sanskrit word for this psychic center, which translates as “city of jewels.” Not only does this stone support the awakening and balancing of this subtle vortex, which feeds the lower and higher centers, it helps connect you to the silver thread of consciousness detectable through the navel in the astral, useful for dream travel, lucidity and visionary capacities. 

Citrine is an ally in the ascension process as it not only assists the navel in awakening, but the progression of the kundalini up the spine, which pierces every chakra in its ascent. The lahun chakra, located about a foot above the head, often seen as a halo around the crown, can be stimulated by this stone, which brings unity and connectivity to the entire chakra system. One with an awakened lahun has all the chakras awakened and functioning as one and is peacefully at rest in the zero point of their reality in a golden ball of light. Within this balanced and expansive state life is more about creation than reaction, as one becomes the cause rather than the effect of their reality.

In order to attune with Citrine Quartz, it is important to recognize what things in your life are vile and impure and allow them to be flushed from your reality without delay. As the golden-yellow vibration penetrates your space and auric field it will bring to your attention what things “poison” you and make these the center of your awareness until they are guided out of your life. If this subtle instruction is not recognized and followed, disempowerment is the result, even in slight and seemingly unnoticeable ways at first. Over time, if the Citrine-directed purge is not followed, blocks to abundance will be felt in all areas of one’s life. For Citrine speeds up manifestation of the positive only if there is a clear field for such, but if the field is clogged with disarray and misaligned frequencies, the manifestation will increase in areas unwanted until a forced change arises. 

Since Citrine does not need to be cleansed by an outside source, it also encourages this often latent, hidden capacity in us, to self-cleanse our environment, our minds and our intentions until they align with our highest, authentic expression. In this way, Citrine is invaluable to have around.

Today, my Citrine sits on the windowsill and scatters the morning light across my room in rainbow colors, reminding me that multiple layers of me participate in my created reality. I cannot forget to ground myself in its presence, to feel the warmth of the day on my skin and find joy in my very existence as I do in the rays of the golden sun. My resolve is strong and motivation high as I bask in the hue of Citrine who remind me with every glance of the alchemical opportunity existing in every moment to transform the mundane into the pristine.

One's multidimensional body responds to the potency of Citrine as hormonal systems are influenced and encouraged to balance in its presence. As we evolve, our bodies eventually start producing higher dimensional hormones that some call “god-hormones.” Citrine assists in the integration and activation of these hormones while also telling the body/mind complex to let go of beliefs and patterns that do not serve the evolution of the entity.

Bringing Citrine back from India, in a way, allowed me to bring home a piece of that culture. It captured in its crystalline matrix the vibration of spiritual attunement and free mental space I found there. For truly crystals are keepers of information and frequencies and even more so when intention is attached. Every stone carries the signature of the earth where it originated and of the caretakers who place-held it until it reached you. This is why usually it is a good idea to clear crystals you receive so as to wipe anything unsupportive to you away. Citrine is unique in that it naturally releases any inharmonious frequencies so it is able to stay potent and supportive throughout its journey with you.

Because of its ability to stay clear, Citrine is a fabulous ally when working through emotional issues and to clear emotional patterns. It assists the user in becoming aware of unprocessed emotions and helps bring things to the surface that need to be addressed. 

Abundance is also a key vibration carried within the Citrine Quartz. Its golden color is perfectly attuned to and supportive of the key frequency of prosperity and financial wealth. With Lakshmi as the key deity associated with this stone, one can find their entire world turned in the direction of success through resonating with Citrine. 

The more I work with this stone and the deeper I go I realize there is really nothing else happening outside the refinement of my frequency in order to allow me to receive my authentic allowance of abundance in all areas of my life. Citrine is specifically coded for this. If you feel out of alignment with your personal success and flow, give yourself the gift of Citrine and watch your life transform and enliven. There is no better stone for enhanced manifestation and empowerment than Citrine Quartz.

Photo Credit: "Citrine" by Andrew Gustar is licensed under CC BY 2.0