10 Household Hacks with Lemon (Besides Cooking)

Lemons have that little something extra. They add a twist to our food and aid teas in settling an upset stomach. While they are often not the star ingredient in our cooking, they are certainly the star of the kitchen. Or rather, when used to clean the kitchen. Beyond adding a citrus twist to a dish, lemons have an uncanny ability to keep the house fresh and clean. Here are 10 ways in which you can get the most out of your lemons.

10. Freshen Wooden Kitchen Gadgets

Have you ever noticed how smells seep their way into wooden chopping blocks? By rubbing lemon on kitchen gadgets and utensils odors will be eliminated.

9. Remove Water Marks and Rust

Unless there is no room on the dish rack, my utensils stay there until they are dry. This, however, leads to water marks. A slice of lemon can remove pesky water marks as well as rust on kitchen utensils.

8. Save Neglected Paint Brushes

Some people thoroughly clean their painted brushes after every use. Others, not so much. If you are in the latter category, try adding the hardened brush to some boiling lemon juice. Reduce the heat, allowing the lemon to do its magic for 15 minutes. The brush will be good as new.

7. Demolish Plastic Storage Container Odor

Plastic is porous. Overtime, smells from food residue can get trapped inside. Rub a lemon on the plastic to refresh your plastic storage containers.

6. Polish Furniture

Save money and mix lemon and olive oil to create your own furniture polish.

5. Repel Insects

Insects apparently find lemon distasteful. Keep the insects out by rubbing lemon on windowsills and door frames.

4. Keep Avocados Green

If you want to save an avocado half for later, but don't want it to brown, lemons have your back. The citric acid in lemon can stop avocados from browning. Rub a lemon on the exposed avocado, or mix in with guacamole. 

3. Put it in the Fridge

If you are all out of baking soda, try lemon. Soak a sponge in lemon juice and place it in the fridge. The lingering odor from your recently tossed out science experiment will go along with it.

2. Make a Household Cleaner

There's a reason all-purpose cleaners come in a fresh scent of lemon. Add lemon rinds to your homemade house cleaner for a natural, refreshingly clean house.

1. Tackle That Garbage Disposal

Kitchen drains are not the most pleasant place in the kitchen. At times they can get a little, well, funky. Banish that mysterious smell by pouring some lemon juice or a lemon rind down the drain.