#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 30

Chaturanga Dandasana / Low Plank


Strengthens core and upper body.

Teaches how to engage all parts of the body.

Learning to extend out in all directions evenly.

Foundation & General Alignment:

Two hands and two feet, balance weight evenly.

Feet are hip width apart.

Hands are shoulder width apart.

Elbows are above wrists, forearms are perpendicular to the floor.

Elbows and shoulders are at the same height, make sure shoulders are away from ears.

Gazing forward helps lift the shoulders.

Belly is a few inches off the floors, lifted not sagging.

Common Problems:

Most at risk is the wrists, shoulders, neck, and low back.

Head drops.

Legs bend.

Hands are too far forward.


Turn hands out for tight shoulders.

Block between shins or thighs to help with engagement.

Supported chaturanga, block or blanket under ribs and pubic bone.