#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 28

Halasana / Plow


Strengthens the entire back.

Helps stretches the hamstrings.

Can be a very calming pose to some people but for other it can make them feel claustrophobic and stress if they are tight in the shoulders/back.

Foundation & General Alignment:

The base is formed by the upper arms from elbow to shoulder, top of the shoulders back of the head and feet on the floor.

Your elbows don’t have to be shoulder distance apart but if they are too wide the troso will collapse.

It is incredibly important that you keep a curve in your neck with the chin away from the chest.

Shoulder blades hug the back of the ribs.

Torso is evenly extended.

Two versions:

“Lifted” version- the back is extend legs are straight up in the air. The plevic floor is positioned over the shoulder girdle.

“Soft” version- the back is more rounded, be sure to keep a curve in the neck.

Balance on the tip toes.

Common Problems:

Most at risk is the neck, shoulders, and low back.

Neck is flat on the floor.

Upper back is rounded and chest is collapsed and chin is digging into the chest.

Elbows too wide not enough support.


Take feet wide as the mat and bend the knees.

Use strap between hands or upper arms.

Elevate feet on a chair.

Do not do if you have neck problems, during menstruation, Glaucoma, high blood pressure.