#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 25



Strength in core.

Stretches outer hip on front leg and quad on back leg.

Foundation & General Alignment:

10 fingertips and 2 feet on ground.

The feet are active. Front foot is in tadasana. Back foot, toes are curled under, push out through back heel.

Fingertips are on the floor in line with the front foot. If you can keep you upper back from rounding you can put your hands flat on the ground.

Keep back leg straight.

Front knee is directly over the ankle.

Belly is not resting on thigh.

Common Problems:

Most at risk is the front knee and low back.

Hips not level with the earth.

Back rounded and head dropped.

Belly resting on his front leg.


Hands on blocks if tight.

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