4 Reasons To Grow Native Plants

Native Plants are said to be species of plants that occur naturally in a particular habitat, ecosystem, region, or territory without direct or indirect human actions. They are often recommended and encouraged for planters because of their inherent adaptation to the climate, soil conditions, and native species (in terms of protecting themselves and feeding native wildlife and insects). Let me give you a few valid reasons why you should grow native plants.  

Native plants help support and sustain.

If you are searching for ways to make your garden more sustainable, planting well-selected types of native plants can help conserve water, reduce the need for pesticides or fertilizers, and create a habitat for native wildlife. By planting native plants on a landscape or garden, you can give it a natural look of local beauty.

Native plants often need less care.

 While not all native plants may be easy to maintain, most are. When provided the right environment for adaptation, native plants can thrive with little to no help or resources. Native plants require less of a need for fertilizers or pesticides.

Native plants attract beneficial birds and bugs.

Need natural assistants for your garden? Try planting native plants! Native plants are the best at attracting beneficial birds and bugs, which pollinate and remove garden pests as well as improve the soil. Planting native plants creates a habitat for local helpers. 

Non-native or invasive plants can be bullies.

Some non-native plants are quietly aggressive when it comes to competing with native plants for water, sunlight, nutrients and space. They often easily travel from gardens by way of wildlife, wind, water, or seeds sticking to people’s shoes. Not only can these non-native plants overtake native territory, they can bring extreme, negative effects to local wildlife, habitats, and plant life.

As you can see, it’s nice to plant native. Growing native plants is not only beneficial for the local gardener, but also for local wildlife and nature too.

If you are interested in growing native plants, use your local gardening center(s) as a resource.  They should be able to help you find native plants.  And remember: the more local the native plants you select, the more successful their growth!