#WellnessWednesday - Yoga for Life: Week 14

Welcome to our #WellnessWednesday yoga primer. Yoga is a wonderful way to become attuned to your body and increase circulation and flexibility. Each week I'll offer you a pose with benefits and instruction.

Week 14: Uttanasana / Standing Forward Bend


  • Great stretch for the hamstrings, calves, hip rotators, and back.

Foundation & General Alignment:

  • Feet are parallel they can either be together or hip distance apart.
  • Legs can be straight or bent if tight in hamstrings, bend knees for easier stretch.
  • Hands can be on the ground by your feet, on calves, or fingers can be hooked between big toes.
  • Belly isn’t resting on thighs.
  • Shoulders are back and away from your ears.

Common Problems:

  • Most at risk: hamstrings and low back.
  • Weight mostly in heels.
  • Hyperextension of the knees.
  • Shoulders up by ears.


  • Bend knees so you can reach the floor.
  • Use blocks underneath the hands.
  • Separate feet further apart for tighter students or for later stages of pregnancy.

Do not engage in if you have low back pain/ disc injury or you have a pulled hamstring muscle.