3 Great Reasons to Eat Seasonally

Seasonal eating: It's become a major buzzword over the last few years, and there are now countless articles declaring the unending benefits of eating seasonally. And for the most part, those articles are right. Many years ago, I had no idea what seasonal eating even meant. Intuitively, I ate hearty soups and stews during the winter, green onions and sprouts during the spring, ice cream in the summer, and pumpkin in the fall. An ice cream cone and a pumpkin latte aren't exactly the heart of seasonal eating, but that's okay. It was a starting place and I was excited to realize I had already taken the first steps in this new fad. (And by "new fad" I mean thousands of years old way of eating, but whatev).

But this fad quickly became a way of life for me, and here's why:

Seasonal Eating is Economical: Have you ever walked into the supermarket and found squash on sale in September? Strawberries in May for less than half the cost they were in January? Tomatoes in July so cheap, they're practically giving them away? Right. That's because the food is in season, which means there is a natural abundance. Score one for Mother Nature.

Your Body Needs Seasonal Foods: Foods like pumpkin are high in Vitamin A, which helps your body absorb vitamin D. Vitamin D is incredibly important, and assimilating it during the darker fall and winter months is vital for immunity, mental health, and energy. Pumpkin and other squash are also full of of fiber, which helps you feel fuller longer. Citrus fruit, which peaks in the winter months, are straight vitamin C bombs. Vitamin C is great for fighting colds and flu, and has a whole host of vital health benefits. Plus, it gives you a boost of energy. Score two for Mother Nature.

Seasonal Foods = Seasonal Treats! You cannot tell me that a garden-fresh beefsteak tomato tastes the same in February as it does in July. Don't even try. They're like candy during the summer. Slice them thick and top them with creamy burrata cheese and you are one step away from full-on nirvana, my friends. Same thing for fresh-picked blueberries in late July or pears in August. Score one million for Mother Nature. If eating seasonally isn't part of your daily life, don't sweat it. Make small additions to your menu and look for those produce deals.

And by all means, ENJOY YOUR FOOD, no matter what you eat.

Ohms and Noms,