Vedic Astrology For Feb 3-9: Venus, Saturn & Self-Worth

When thinking of Venus, the concept that often comes to mind is the process of valuation.  This is all about assigning worth to something within the context of the environment in which it exists.  In a common sense, valuation is often associated with property.  But with Venus in consideration, this context of assessing value and worth is more about what brings comfort to one’s life and joy to one’s heart.  This is a very personal sense of value and worth that each individual holds dear.


Venus & The Eye Of The Beholder

Now, especially with Venus, the most personal aspect of valuation that is brought about is that of attraction.  What one is attracted to is that in which they see value and worth in pursuing.  This, however, is not necessarily based upon arriving at a conclusion or a judgment, but is more so something that one naturally is drawn to without any particular rhyme or reason.  Some people are attracted to working on machinery, some people like art, some like astrology, and the list goes on.  Sexual attraction, which is the most widely known aspect of Venus and valuation, is an even more personal item as any two people might find another person to either be repulsive or beautiful. 

A whole other angle of valuation is that of seeing oneself as of value to the world.  This is the concept of self-worth.  An individual experiencing balanced Venusian energy is one who makes sure everyone gets a fair share, even themselves.  This is not to tip the scales in favor of oneself necessarily, but more so to make sure that they themselves also get taken care of equally.  When self-worth is low, an individual either does not pursue the things that give them pleasure because they deem themselves as unworthy or they feel like they’re unworthy of positive things even happening to them.  This is precisely the aspect of self-worth issues that Venus is indicating as it moves into Capricorn this week where it will be conjunct the planets Saturn and Ketu.


Restrictions & Limitations

Self-worth issues come to the surface because of the nature of any planet being conjunct in the same sign as Saturn.  Saturn’s nature is to want to do the simplest things possible without exerting any wasted effort.  This can be a sense of simplicity but more so this implies indolence.  With this comes a feeling of restriction and limitation as there is a certain energy of unwillingness to change that Saturn inhibits upon another planet.  This can make that planet operate in a weaker context when bringing about its natural agenda. 

What this looks like with Venus is being inhibited from being able to find comfort and enjoyment with either the things that one has within one’s own sphere or of being able to see themselves as worthy of being able to receive those things.   Saturn will make Venus have to make do with what it currently has, especially if it is something that has been in place for awhile.  However, this will probably be something that isn’t very comfortable at all. 

For example, let’s say a person wants to feel comforted and valued within a romantic relationship setting.  With Saturn pulling on Venus’s reins, the person may feel either restricted to stay in a broken relationship in which they aren’t valued by their partner or they will not be able to find a suitable partner within their environment.  If they do choose a partner, they will choose one that they really don’t want and will be settling for.  This could be like choosing someone who one works with that simply fills a role in their romantic life but not necessarily a place in their heart. 


Ketu & Regret

With Ketu (aka the south node of the Moon) being conjunct Venus as well as Saturn, we can see circumstances arising in which inhibition and regret get brought into the equation.  Taking the previous example, this could mean that a person looking for love may experience regret because of settling for a coworker rather than finding someone who really brings joy to their heart.  The key here is that the individual feels like the self-worth issues at the core of this have caused them to miss out on other opportunities because they are staying in a relationship that doesn’t quite work for them.  This is just one issue that can arise and I advise to look at the bigger picture that this example represents and frame it through your own experience.  Also, this is not the only way that this can play out as we shall see.


A Rock & A Hard Place

Since this is a conjunction that is happening with Saturn and Venus, this is a mutual exchange of energy from both planets involved.  Therefore, it is important to look at this through the lens of Saturn getting affected by Venus as well.  This is the more pleasant side of this conjunction.  Saturn is about doing the hard work and weathering the storm.  It’s about grinding it out through tough times.  Saturn is akin to the slow-moving tortoise who wins the race against the hare.  When Venus is conjunct Saturn like this, it can indicate a time when one can find respite from their toils and appreciate the work they are putting in.  It’s a time of being content with the place one is in, no matter how difficult it may seem. 

For example, let’s say one’s profession requires them to dig ditches all day long.  Perhaps some days their hands get blistered, their back is aching, and they wonder how much longer they can endure such grueling work.  With Venus conjunct Saturn, the person may realize that even as difficult as the work is, at least their days are tangibly productive, they have a roof over their head, they’re getting exercise, and they get to work outside.  It’s about appreciating what one has instead of looking at what one doesn’t.


Apples & Oranges

The gist of this time, from both perspectives shown, is that it is a time to acknowledge what one has and appreciate it for what it is.  It can be easy at times to just follow our nose for what we are attracted to and seek pleasure from those sources.  However, this is not that.  The rabbit hole that awaits us at this time when trying to proverbially compare our apples with others’ oranges will not leave us on an even keel and feeling valued.  It’s more about appreciating our apples for what they are and making the best damn apple pie ever.  After all, what’s better than that?