Vedic Astrology For Jan 20-26: Shedding The Comfortable

This week we have Jupiter and Venus coming conjunct to the exact degree in the sign of Sagittarius.  I will discuss how these two planets interact both individually and together and what this can indicate.  I’ll also cast it in the light of the eclipse that is taking place this Sunday, January 20.

The Two Great Benefics  

First, let’s look at this conjunction of Jupiter and Venus in Sagittarius.  As with all conjunctions, they are mutually influencing each other and I will describe the effects of the energy being expressed from both viewpoints.  With that said, what these two planets share in common is that in Vedic Astrology they are known as the two “great benefics.”  Both of these planets typically bring about pleasant circumstances and alleviate the burdens of life.  It is generally seen as a blessing in a birth chart if one is to have either of these two planets placed in a prominent position as it can help to mitigate other inauspicious combinations.  It is, however, a bit of a different case when we have these planets conjunct, as we shall see.

All Things Venus

Let’s start off here by discussing the nature of Venus and what it represents.  To distill what Venus represents, it can be looked at as the energy that allows one to experience the following:  to find contentment with one’s lot in life; to see value in things in the world from one’s own personal perspective; and to seek diplomacy in the sense of finding an equal share for all parties involved.  Further, this is why Venus is also related to things like romance and relationships. 

Now looking from the viewpoint of Venus being conjunct Jupiter, this is the most pleasant perspective of this conjunction.  Jupiter tends to “delight” any planet that it is conjunct which means that it makes that planet’s ability to fulfill its natural agenda work out easier and, especially with Venus, find more contentment with it.  Since Venus is the planet that represents contentment in the form of the things in the world that make our lives easier, this can be a time where one finds more joy with their lot in life.  It’s not necessarily about acquiring new things as it is about finding a deeper sense of appreciation for the things that they already have.  It’s about making life easier.  This can also be applied to one’s romantic relationships as well.  However, there is a caveat to this conjunction regarding laziness and overindulgence which we’ll look at later when we talk about the eclipse. 

Jupiter, Joy & the Soapbox

To put it simply and succinctly, Jupiter is the planet of joy, wisdom, and seeing the bigger picture.  It is representative of things like philosophy, teachers, and spiritual matters.  It is a very positive energy of optimism, faith, and the belief that things will work out as planned.  These are the positive traits of Jupiter that make it known as the “great benefic” and a bringer of auspiciousness.

However, Jupiter also has a more serious side as well.  Jupiter is representative of the energy of having purpose, direction, and a sense of righteousness as we go about our path in life.  Righteousness is the key word here with Jupiter in that there is an inherent sense that one’s path of activity that has been selected to achieve one’s goals is in accord with an inner belief system that is representative of who they are.  This is why Jupiter is not only representative of belief systems in general, but also is representative of those with strongly held beliefs like preachers or anyone who tends to shout from atop their soapbox, so to speak.  It is this sense of righteousness that I feel is at the heart of this discussion as I will further elaborate.

Venus Affects Jupiter

Jupiter and Venus have a very interesting exchange of energy happening here.  While Venus receives Jupiter’s energy in a way that brings it more joy, Jupiter receives Venus’ energy as a disruptive force.  In Vedic Astrology it is known that Venus is an “enemy” to Jupiter and therefore somewhat subverts Jupiter’s agenda.  What this looks like is making one more concerned with aligning their purpose and beliefs with what works for other people more so than in naturally aligning it with what their needs are.  They have conflicts with expressing a sense of direction that is one that prioritizes their own needs.  

Another facet of this conjunction is it brings up the conflict of one’s sense of righteousness being subverted by the status quo.  Jupiter wants to bring out one’s sense of purpose and direction in their life while Venus detracts from this by making the individual want to be content with the way things are.  One’s individual sense of direction is a path where they are headed to get their own needs met that they believe is right for them.  The detractor from this is when one starts taking too much time considering the effects and potential repercussions that they may have from other people’s needs or just in making sure that everything is fair to all parties.  This becomes a hinderance because it is far harder to do what is right for oneself if they spend all their energy trying to make it right for everyone else simultaneously. 

Herein Lies the Rub

This conflict really echoes strongly with the energy of this eclipse. This eclipse is all about one trying to establish a truer identity and break free from repressive belief systems and such of the past.  What Venus and Jupiter add to this is the further qualification of one being held back by the comfort of this past situation.  This shows us that part of the internal conflict is not being able to see the value of breaking free of past constraints, where even though it doesn’t suit them anymore, they had found comfort there. 

Another aspect of this can be that one might have arrived at this place of desiring a change because of overindulgence or laziness or perhaps this is the reason that they may hesitate from making the change.  It’s like it may feel too heavy of a change to make or a burden to take on whereas it is viewed as easier to just stay in the place that doesn’t suit who they are.  Perhaps there is a reward for being suppressed that would need to be abandoned.  It’s always tougher to leave behind something that has a tangible reward to it.  Herein lies the rub: a desire to break free from a set of circumstances that prohibits one from having their needs met versus the comfort of being suppressed.  There is almost like a Stockholm Syndrome type of energy to this.

Work with this Energy, Instead

The key to working with this energy is to appreciate that shedding these past circumstances will require a new set of perils and dangers, and a move out of the comfort that comes with being able to hide in it.  Like I said last week, it is akin to staying in the closet.  It’s comfy and cozy but the problem is the garment is heavy, burdensome, and smothers one’s ability to get their needs met.  The needs of others may feel stronger at this time and consideration for them may be a part of this paradox of wanting to leave but feeling like they have to stay.  The thing to remember is that it’s not them who has to wear this garment.

What I recommend is to follow one’s heart and listen to their true needs and desires for change and experience the reawakening to their own individual purpose and direction.  It may leave one naked, exposed, and vulnerable but it will also be a relief.  Either this or continue the holding pattern of suppression.  Personally, I choose the former and I recommend this for all.