3 Ways To Walk The Path Of Peace

Rise together in peace.

Make each moment an occasion

to live deeply, happily, in peace.

-Thich Nhat Hanh


Peace is so much more than the absence of war, hatred, and violence.

In a world filled with racism, materialism, environmental predicaments and global weaponry, it can be difficult to find hope. In spite of these tumultuous times in our world there is tremendous opportunity for our own spiritual growth. The world is in a critical phase. There are many forces at work in the world and you are one of those forces.


1. Take Responsibility For Your Inner World 

You can encourage peace by taking responsibility for your own inner worlds.  Do the inner work by taking a Daily Pause.

The gift here is to know ourselves. When we take a pause to connect to our hearts we connect to the vibration of love, compassion and peace. Through meditation and mindfulness there is a remembrance, paying attention to our body and our breath. We do the inner work, as prayer for peace not only for ourselves but for all beings and the planet itself.

Take a moment to gently close your eyes. Let the jaws soften. Take 3 breaths to yourself. Slow down, listening to the breath….the process of becoming full and emptying out.  Quiet the mind.

Repeat the mantra:

Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu

May all beings everywhere be happy and free

May all beings needs be met

May all forms of violence be eradicated

May all beings conspire to be at peace with one another

To see the planet in the highest vibration of love for all human beings.

Pause and be at peace, then everything around you shall be at peace. Everything you need is here to feel peace.


2. Practice Peace With Purpose

When we know ourselves we know how to act in the world. As a true practice of Peace it is important to connect with violence in our everyday thoughts, speech, and actions. To take notice when our minds, our attitudes, and our fears are clenched around hurtfulness towards others. Intuitively we know when destructive thoughts, words, or deeds arise within us. They have a way of arousing anger and violence.

When we notice this, we can pause and make a strong effort to soften our hearts—understand our own inner beauty and recognize this in other human beings. It may be helpful to apologize, to practice forgiveness—to invite compassion in.

Our assignment must be a willingness to live in a new way where we don’t tolerate violence against other's because of their race, gender or religion. Instead, we act honorably to correct the wrongs we see around us. We all have a responsibility in our lifetime to be a force of goodwill and walk the path of grace. It takes great courage.

Never pass up an opportunity to practice peace, to respond in a nonviolent way. Without this the world cannot be healed.


3. Embrace The Peace Within Your Heart

How do you see yourself rising on this path of peace in 2019? What is it you value deeply? Equality and freedom? Understanding, compassion, love?

As individuals we can rise with an openness to the other side, opening the opportunity to live in peace, with the possibility of interconnectedness—an acceptance of all people, as a creative collective to hold space for nonviolence. Infinite possibilities await if we hone our skills for peace in this world. It could be your greatest contribution for mankind.

You know in your heart, the deepest part of you, a desire for peace. As you consider the aspirations of creating a more peaceful life for yourself and others can you give up the thinking about it part?

Take time to notice a deeper quieter resonance in your heart…Inclusiveness born out of loving kindness, goodness: a quality of finding love instead of fear. Peace instead of violence. Cultivate big love and kindness in your life and spread it to others, the inner part of you and the outer part of you effortlessly living a space of love and peace.

How can we make this resolve into something real? We can come together individually and together collectively and rise as a force of peace for global healing in 2019.


Never ever pass up the opportunity to practice peace.

Make each moment an occasion to live deeply,happily in peace.

I am Peaceful. The world is peaceful.

May the Love that is withinwork through each and every one of us.