Vedic Astrology For Jan 6-12: Mercury, Saturn & Turning Weakness Into Strength

It is a busy time for Capricorn, indeed, and there are no signs of slowing down either.  In fact, we just had a partial solar eclipse involving the signs of Capricorn and Cancer last week.  This week we have Mercury entering into Capricorn to join the crowd of Sun, Saturn, and Ketu.  With Mercury joining the fray it adds another dimension to the ongoing theme I’ve been discussing.  Being that we have a full solar eclipse looming in the coming weeks, I’ll address the bigger picture then.  For now, let’s look at the conjunction of Mercury and Saturn that is happening in Capricorn.

Saturn Rules Capricorn: Perseverance From Adaptation Through Adversity

The reason I’m looking at Saturn first is because Saturn, in Vedic Astrology, is said to “rule” the sign of Capricorn.  That means that the energy of Saturn is infused with the nature of Capricorn.  The name in Sanskrit for Capricorn is “Makara” which brings forth the image of a crocodile.  The thing about a crocodile is that it has been in existence since the time of the dinosaurs and remains mostly genetically unchanged.  What this means is that a crocodile has assumed a form that can handle a changing environment and persevere through whatever comes along.  This is a big part of Saturn’s energy which is to hang in for the long haul through adversity and whatever comes its way. 

Another fact about Saturn is that it also represents lameness and flaws of all kinds.  The reason that I mention this is because this ties in nicely with the previous point about perseverance.  To persevere, one must make it through many types of difficulties.  These difficulties can be of a certain inherent weakness that one can’t necessarily just turn away from but must learn to deal with.  The key here is that Saturn represents both sides of the coin: the flaw/weakness and the method to overcome it.  Saturn represents both obstacles, debts, delays, and disease, as well as the perseverance and strength to overcome them through the long haul. 

Saturn’s energy is very focused and intent on only one thing at a time and this is typically the reality that is in front of the individual at that time.  Saturn doesn’t look for another way or to create a new path, it accepts the cold, hard reality of a situation and then just slogs through the process of making it through. 

Mercury: Always Looking To Improve

Now enter Mercury, who is the planet of inquisitiveness, of curiosity, of constantly looking to improve things, and of managing multiple things at once.  Mercury is always looking at all the angles, taking everything into consideration, and finding the best possible options.  The key difference between Mercury and Saturn is that Mercury is always looking to improve things, even if there is nothing inherently wrong with them.  Saturn, on the other hand, looks to just deal with one thing at a time with whatever it has in front of it.  Mercury wants to explore the myriad of options and Saturn just wants to work with one option and that is usually an option that has worked before, regardless of efficiency or if it’s the best option. 

The Conjunction Of Mercury & Saturn

Let’s now look at the great things this conjunction can represent.  What this can indicate is a wonderful time for critical thinking and for research as this can help one to find new ways and therefore understandings of how to further along their course of focus.  They may be able to see their circumstances that they’ve been dealing with from a new angle and therefore either appreciate it better or even find a better way of engaging with it.  It can help one to really dive into a course of action or study with greater intensity and appreciation. 

Another strength at this time is the ability to be objective and really see things as they are.  That way one can be able to fully suss out which options do or don’t work by taking the time to fully investigate.  This might be the best time to really think about those New Year’s resolutions that were made in regards to long standing issues and find ways to implement them.  It will make seeing things in the light of reality with no attachment to any potential outcome easier to do.

The less auspicious nature of this conjunction is that it brings with it a sense of rigidity.  This can mean that one is too set in a way or method of exploration.  It can lead to following paths that obviously aren’t working, almost for the sake of doing it.  It can be harder to abandon certain mental structures that have become the norm, even if a change is looming. 

This can also indicate a time where one is feeling the burden and weight of the pressure that comes along with managing the affairs of their life and feel overwhelmed by this.  This sense of overwhelm can also stem from being stuck following a certain course of study or focus that they just can’t get out of.  It can be a time of failed communication attempts where one feels like they just aren’t “being heard” no matter what they do.

Finding Strength From Weakness

What I would recommend at this time is to go with the flow and use the narrow focus to help to fortify one’s strength by working on weaknesses.  This is a time to focus intensely on one issue at a time and it will behoove one the most to focus on that one thing that needs the most work.  The ability to focus will be here and the energy to work through the tough spots will be as well.  Besides, since Saturn is here these issues will come up whether you want them to or not.  So why not skip the middle man and get right into it?  You’ll be happy you did.