Vedic Astrology For Dec 9-15: Hard Work, Perseverance & Saturn In Capricorn

Astrology is simple yet subtle.  There are many websites and such online that talk about the Sun sign related to your birthdate that you may or may not relate to.  These Sun sign interpretations are just as simple as taking the qualities of the planet, in this case the Sun, and comparing and combining them with the qualities of the sign and then seeing the things that either offer confluence or opposition.  That is the simple side.  The subtle side of astrology is to determine whether or not that singular connection will present itself in the individual’s life in spades or not at all. 

In my articles, I do my best to keep in mind the bigger picture of what is going on in the sky rather than to just talk about one certain demarcation.  When I do focus on something individually, it is typically done within the context of what is being shown in the sky as a whole.  Sometimes it is just a subtle shift within the context of the bigger picture that the planets in the zodiac are showing and other times it is a game changer to this.

So, what is this context?  This context is typically indicated by the slower moving planets: Saturn, Jupiter, and the nodes of the Moon—Ketu and Rahu.  This is the case because, as hinted at by calling them slower moving, they stay in their respective signs for longer periods of time, whereas the other planets are changing signs more often.  This means that these slow planets lend themselves towards certain focuses and emphases that last longer in our lives and are then allowed to be a greater depth of experience from the circumstances that they represent.  And the slowest of these planets whose influence can be the cornerstone of this context of the zodiac is that of Saturn, who is the focus of this article.

Saturn is known to be the most deleterious planet because it is representative of those facets of life that our little egos do not like to experience: e.g., sorrow, misery, misfortune, and disease, just to name a few.  Basically, Saturn is representative of the things that we have to deal with in life that we can’t just easily escape from, ignore, or solve with a simple remedy.  These are things that have to be endured and that require a lot of focus, energy, and time to move past. 

Inasmuch as Saturn represents these things, it also gives one the energy to make it through these things.  An individual that naturally has a strong Saturnian energy or has tuned into its energy to a higher degree will have traits of being more persevering, enduring, singularly focused, patient, and accepting of things as they are.  Traits of not having a strong connection with the Saturnian energy are impatience, victim mentality, overly fearful, stubbornness, a feeling of incapability, to just name a few. 

Saturn is a tough planet because it doesn’t necessarily represent instant gratification, comfort, or immediate reward, which are so commonplace in our modern society.  It represents the greater goals of success that come from really getting our hands dirty and of putting in the work. With this in mind, Saturn is actually said to be the planet of greatness as it relates to seeing things through to the end, staying focused, and not letting distractions and setbacks unhinge one from achievement.  It is said that anything worth having is worth working for. The blessing of Saturn is that it gives this mentality. 

Dutiful & Persevering Service

Capricorn is not only an earth sign, but it is also ruled by Saturn. What is indicated by “rulership” by a planet in relation to a sign is that the sign takes on the quality of the planet that is indicated, while also factoring in the sign’s own characteristics.  A couple of Capricorn’s qualities are being an earth sign and being represented by the image of a creature that is like a quadruped in the front half and a fish in the rear half.  Earth signs are practical and this image evokes the idea of having a form that is equipped to handle differing environments. When we apply the nature of Saturn to these qualities of Capricorn we get an idea that the practicality and wide range of applicability of form has a certain dry and restricting quality to it. This means that Capricorn can give one the ability to stay the course because they are well equipped to do so naturally and because they stick to the straight and narrow path that is set for them. To further add to this, it is also important to note that Saturn is representative of servants and service.  This tends to make the influence of Capricorn less apt to make one want to stand out from the crowd, but more dutiful and a leader by example because of their hard work ethic.  This is where the enduring and persevering nature of Saturn really shines through the most.

Saturn in Capricorn 

With Saturn in Capricorn, we get this energy in spades.  This brings about the energy to just put one’s head down and get the job done.  Another facet of this placement that we tend to get is a very narrow viewpoint of how to go about things.  This narrow viewpoint typically has come to rise because it is based on a very practical reasoning that has been proven to be effective.  The key to this is that Capricorn and Saturn (especially when in this sign) don’t want to change from what has worked.  This is not a creative energy, but more of a servant mentality.  An apt servant is one that does the task assigned to it and doesn’t ask questions, nor does it stray from the recommended course of action. 

Do the Work in Front of You

This is the time to really learn to work within one’s limitations and get done not only the practical things, but the things that need to be done right away.  This is about adapting one’s form to meet the needs of the environment and not vice versa.  In fact, this is how one can create longstanding success.  Remember, Saturn brings about success through perseverance and this is what this combination can teach us; to hang in there and endure the difficulties and challenges that come.  Ultimately by passing our trials we can achieve our goals.  Now is the time to just dig in and face what comes, even if it means getting our hands dirty.