The Habit Of Worry & How To Break Free

Oh, the illusionary and all too persuasive frequency of worry. I know this one well. I remember walking into the living room when I was eight years old and the news was on. The news channel was reporting on global warming. Here I was 8 years old, born onto a planet that was going to cook itself into a slow and painful death?! I was horrified. I didn’t sleep well for months. My stomach hurt. My thoughts were consumed and thus began my first episode of a lifelong relationship with worry, the all too disempowering frequency of “what if.”

Why are some of us more predisposed to worry than others? The collective energy as a whole is consumed by worry. This frequency of thought is blocking you from connecting to the creative flow of Source energy. Source energy and our ability to receive it is our birthright. This is the flow that dreams are made from. So let’s get there, right?!

What if I told you the collective programming is tilting things out of your favor of experiencing freedom and love and tilting you into worry and fear?  This shift, even in the slightest amount, is enough to trap you in the lower vibrations of existence when the higher vibrations are equally attainable. It only takes the mind absorbing a moment of this “what if” to derail your trajectory of empowerment. This, my friends, is the greatest battle on earth—the battle of your consciousness.

I have tracked the frequency of worry to the root belief “I am not safe.” Safety is a fundamental ingredient to an embodied life. Safety is what our brain is trained to track in the physical world. Our minds if left untrained will focus on what they deem as danger in the world. You see this reflected on the local news. The news that sells is the news that produces the feeling of fear, or ultimately, a lack of safety. No animal needs to be taught how to survive; it is in our DNA.

Well, I come to share with you that you are the highest embodiment of consciousness on the food chain of the planet and you were gifted with something no other animal has been gifted with: the ability to consciously bypass your biological rhythms and responses to the world. You can choose to override the need to eat, drink, and use the bathroom (to a certain extent). No animal in the wild has the capacity to do this. This gift already puts you at a place of great responsibility to the world at large but it does all start with yourself and today we are focusing on worry and how to close this energetic leak so that you may stay in the flow of your birthright connection to SOURCE.

How to Stop Worrying

Here are some tried and true methods to retrain this boogey man named Worry that lurks in the closet of your consciousness.

1. Focus on the solution.

When the worry shows up, acknowledge that this is a natural response of the brain and that you DO have a choice right now. You move your attention to the SOLUTION. Energy flows where attention goes. For example, when driving in slippery conditions of  winter…Imagine, your wheels slide out on the road and your car swerves. You do not focus on the ditch even though it is there; you focus on the road and see yourself regaining control. You focus on where you want to go, not on where you don’t want to go.

2. Treat Worry like an addiction.

Know that thoughts are an addiction just like cigarettes. Yes, your brain gets addicted to the chemicals that are released from your body after feeling an intense emotion just like it gets addicted to chemicals introduced to your body from the outside. Your thoughts need to be treated with the discipline of quitting tobacco. It takes a minimum of 21 days to create a new habit. Worry is a habit. So each time your mind goes to worry about the “next” thing, know it is trying to get its fix. You just shine a metaphoric spotlight on it and redirect your attnetion. Over and over and over again.

3. Connect.

You are more than an individual. Worry exists when we drop into our individualized consciousness and out of the interconnectedness of existence. Yes, we all have individualized drama. There is really no escaping it completely. Therefore, you need a daily practice that pulls you out of your small self and into the bigger SELF. Even if it is a moment of reprieve, this connection to a greater, perfected existence allows us grace with our individualized perspective. It frees the energy up from getting locked into the limiting lower vibrations, like worry. Expand to release.

4. Breathe.

Breath. Breath. Breath. We hold our breath when we are in fight or flight. Worry happens when our body is in fight or flight. We need to take a moment and deepen our breath. Allow a full inhalation and exhalation. Allow the exhalation to come out of the mouth and not from a forced place but from a surrendered place. The mind, the body, the spirit, is all connected so let the surrendered exhale grab hold of those held emotions that keep you stuck and release them out of your experience.

5. Balance your chakras.

Worry could mean it’s time for a third eye and root chakra clearing. If this is new to you, find someone that can give you the tools to do this yourself. (You would go broke if you saw a healer every time you needed help.) The chakras are vital though. They are energetic vortexes of energy that have the power to shift your perspective completely. If they are out of balance it is more than challenging to keep from falling into the many pitfalls of life. The third eye can produce worry when it is coupled with a gifted individual unaware of their gifts of sight. If this third eye imbalance is coupled with a root chakra distortion than the worry can be extreme. The root is our safety on this planet. Believe me, many of us would have run back as soon as we arrived and those that don’t feel settled in their body (root chakra) are not going to feel settled anywhere.


Worry is not a solo project but it can try to make you believe it is. This is the human condition. We all need to feel loved and safe to thrive. Unfortunately, not all of us were given the golden experience growing up where our parents met every single need we had in exactly the perfect way. It’s not about that anyway. We need to create our sovereignty and connection to Source energy and this takes our conscious effort.